Democrat Wins Very Conservative Oklahoma District By A Landslide, Other Democrats Also Win Big On Valentines Day

This just in: Democrats CAN win in conservative states this year. Just ask Curtis McDaniel of Smithville, Oklahoma. House District 1 in Oklahoma is located in the Southeastern corner of the state. Traditionally, it had been a Democratic stronghold, but in 2010, a Republican captured the district for the first time, shocking the incumbent Democrat. State Rep. Rusty Farley was swept into office along with many other conservatives in a year that saw conservatives retake multiple state legislatures, governorships, and even the US House of Representatives.

But because Farley died unexpectedly in July of 2011, the district held a special election on February 14, 2012 to replace him. In a district where only 26% of the population is for President Obama, Democratic candidate Chris McDaniel won a landslide victory over his Republican opponent 62% to 28%. It’s a victory that suggests Democrats have a good chance to retake seats they lost previously in 2010.

There was more good news for Democrats in Oklahoma, as Rep. Al McAffrey also won a huge victory to keep a Senate seat in Democratic hands by a count of 67% to 33%. And even more excellent news out of Maine, where Republicans are under fire for trying to restrict voting and trying to cut MaineCare (Maine’s version of Medicaid): Democrat Chris Johnson upset Republican Dana Dow by just over 400 votes to secure Senate District 20. The Democratic Party is touting the victory as a big win despite the narrow margin.

Republicans now seem to be in trouble at the state and local levels which isn’t a good sign in a Presidential election year. Even if President Obama cannot win traditionally conservative states, Democrats in general can win House and Senate seats and take back state legislatures, governorships, and perhaps regain the US House and strengthen their control of the Senate. In other words, 2012 could be a repeat of 2008, especially if the Republican Party continues to be the train wreck it has been for the last year.


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