Sarah Palin Criticizes President Obama On Fox & Friends, Says He’s Not Fit To Serve (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin is like a bad cold. No matter how many times you think it’s going away, it keeps coming back. Desperate for media attention as always, Palin appeared on Fox & Friends and after fielding the obligatory leading question from Gretchen Carlson, savaged President Obama and his handling of the economy.

CARLSON: “I mean I hate to bring it up, but if the economy was worse than he expected – wouldn’t you be proposing a budget that had more cuts in it?”

PALIN: “You would think so. What he does is defy common sense, and also did you catch what he was saying in there? He is now blaming the estimators, the statisticians, the economists. Everyone else to blame for the economic woes except for his failed policies that is another indication of his naïveté… he’s not fit to hold this office, because we need leadership that will be held accountable, that won’t shy away from taking responsibility for mistakes that they have made.

And President Obama has made many mistakes in allowing increased taxes, allowing government to grow, accumulating trillions and trillions of dollars more in debt. Though yes, as you point out, he has promised to cut deficits in half.”

Here’s the video, via Media Matters :

I’d really love to know what mistakes Sarah Palin is talking about. Since taking office, President Obama has halted the horrific job losses suffered because of the Bush recession, and has actually created more jobs than President Bush ever did. The January jobs report was yet another sign that the economy is improving. The economy added over 200,000 jobs and the unemployment rate dropped, marking 16 consecutive months of job growth. And talk about responsibility. Palin doesn’t know the meaning of the word. She quit her sworn duty to govern the state of Alaska to star in a reality show. At least President Obama isn’t a quitter. He takes his responsibilities seriously.

Palin also says President Obama should have cut spending to stimulate the economy. That strategy may work in Palinland, but it doesn’t work so well in reality. When you have a recession like the one in 2008, businesses and banks panic and as a result, they don’t spend money. So it falls to federal government to spend money in the effort to stimulate the economy, which is exactly what President Bush and the Democratic controlled Congress did. That’s right. President Bush is partly responsible for the stimulus. And you know what? He did the right thing. Had the federal government just sat back and hacked itself to pieces, the recession would have turned into a second Great Depression. But because Bush authorized a stimulus, and it was masterfully managed by the Obama Administration, the government not only halted the jobs losses, it has begun to reverse the economic damage. Government spending stimulates the economy during a recession. It’s Economics 101. And to say that President Obama hasn’t made any cuts to the budget is asinine. His newest budget makes cuts to defense while focusing on spending here at home. Only an idiot wouldn’t support that. But then we are talking about Sarah Palin.