Top 10 Ways Republicans Show They Hate Americans

You often hear Republicans claim that President Obama and/or Democrats and/or Liberals, “Hate America!”

Here is a list of ways that Republicans showed us that while they claim to “Love America,” they seem to really hate Americans.

1. When Republicans in Congress refused to extend unemployment benefits at a time of very high unemployment unless millionaires and billionaires got to keep their tax cuts, they showed us that they hate unemployed Americans.

2. When Governor Rick Perry and the Republican controlled Texas Legislature chose to lay off thousands of teachers all across Texas rather than increase taxes or use more of the rainy day fund, they showed us that they hate American teachers and students.

3. In 2004 when then State Senator Michele Bachmann said, “If you’re involved in the gay and lesbian lifestyle, it’s bondage. It is personal bondage, personal despair and personal enslavement.”  She showed us that she hates gay and lesbian Americans.

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4. When Republicans chose cuts to social programs that help many Americans just trying to get by rather than cuts to tax subsidies for corporate jets and oil companies, they showed us that they hate poor and disabled Americans.

5. When Republicans such as Presidential Candidates Herman Cain and Former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Representatives Allen West and Peter King, and many others sought to deny freedom of religion to Muslim Americans by claiming that they shouldn’t be allowed to build a mosque, they showed us that they hate Muslim Americans.

6. When Republicans stripped the collective bargaining rights of union workers in Wisconsin and elsewhere, they showed us that they hate American union workers.

7. When Republicans in Congress sought to turn Social Security to a voucher program and Republicans in the Texas Legislature cut funds to nursing homes to balance a budget deficit, they showed us they hate senior Americans.

8. When Republicans in Congress and state legislatures across the country sought to remove funding family planning centers and the Women’s Health Initiative, they showed us that they hate American women.

9. When Republicans in Arizona, Texas, Alabama, and several other states passed laws that discriminate against ethnic Americans in the name of national security, they showed us that they hate Ethnic Americans and especially hate Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and Asian Americans.

10. When Republicans sought and continue to seek to remove funding from the EPA, they showed us that they hate breathing Americans.

There you have it. Republicans may love America, but they really hate Americans.