Top 10 Ways Republicans Show They Hate Americans

Author: February 18, 2012 11:00 am

You often hear Republicans claim that President Obama and/or Democrats and/or Liberals, “Hate America!”

Here is a list of ways that Republicans showed us that while they claim to “Love America,” they seem to really hate Americans.

1. When Republicans in Congress refused to extend unemployment benefits at a time of very high unemployment unless millionaires and billionaires got to keep their tax cuts, they showed us that they hate unemployed Americans.

2. When Governor Rick Perry and the Republican controlled Texas Legislature chose to lay off thousands of teachers all across Texas rather than increase taxes or use more of the rainy day fund, they showed us that they hate American teachers and students.

3. In 2004 when then State Senator Michele Bachmann said, “If you’re involved in the gay and lesbian lifestyle, it’s bondage. It is personal bondage, personal despair and personal enslavement.”  She showed us that she hates gay and lesbian Americans.

4. When Republicans chose cuts to social programs that help many Americans just trying to get by rather than cuts to tax subsidies for corporate jets and oil companies, they showed us that they hate poor and disabled Americans.

5. When Republicans such as Presidential Candidates Herman Cain and Former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Representatives Allen West and Peter King, and many others sought to deny freedom of religion to Muslim Americans by claiming that they shouldn’t be allowed to build a mosque, they showed us that they hate Muslim Americans.

6. When Republicans stripped the collective bargaining rights of union workers in Wisconsin and elsewhere, they showed us that they hate American union workers.

7. When Republicans in Congress sought to turn Social Security to a voucher program and Republicans in the Texas Legislature cut funds to nursing homes to balance a budget deficit, they showed us they hate senior Americans.

8. When Republicans in Congress and state legislatures across the country sought to remove funding family planning centers and the Women’s Health Initiative, they showed us that they hate American women.

9. When Republicans in Arizona, Texas, Alabama, and several other states passed laws that discriminate against ethnic Americans in the name of national security, they showed us that they hate Ethnic Americans and especially hate Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and Asian Americans.

10. When Republicans sought and continue to seek to remove funding from the EPA, they showed us that they hate breathing Americans.

There you have it. Republicans may love America, but they really hate Americans.


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  • [3. In 2004 when then State Senator Michele Bachmann said, “If you’re involved in the gay and lesbian lifestyle, it’s bondage. It is personal bondage, personal despair and personal enslavement.” She showed us that she hates gay and lesbian Americans.]

    Whomever she might hate, what she said there didn’t express that. (And does she hate her husband Marcus?)

    She used the same phrasing one might use of an alcohol or drug addiction; one wants the “bondage” or “enslavement” undone, but not from hatred of the people involved, quite the contrary.

    Recall that the Bachmanns run a “therapy” to “cure” that “lifestyle” — by their lights, intending to benefit the people “enslaved” by it.

    (I should add that I do not share their opinions on this matter… or any other, come to think of it… but in this case I believe at least she is sincere.)

  • [3. In 2004 when then State Senator Michele Bachmann said, “If you’re involved in the gay and lesbian lifestyle, it’s bondage. It is personal bondage, personal despair and personal enslavement.” She showed us that she hates gay and lesbian Americans.]

    It may well be true that Republicans hate (many) Americans. It may conceivably also be true that Bachmann, in particular, hates gay and lesbian Americans — though does this include her husband Marcus? But the statement above does *not* show that. If you have copies of other statements which do, perhaps you might choose them as the evidence to present.

    On the face of it, what Bachmann is saying sounds similar to what one might say about alcohol or drug addiction — one refers to the addiction as the bondage, the enslavement, and wishes the people involved to be free of it, but one does not “hate” the people for being presently enslaved.

    Recall that the Bachmanns run a “therapy” practice, precisely to “free” gays and lesbians of this “enslavement” — intending, by their lights, thus to do them a benefit.

    I should state that I do not agree with the Bachmanns’ opinions in this matter, not in the slightest, nor with their other political or religious opinions. In fact, I dislike Ms. Bachmann intensely, and groan at nearly every public utterance of hers.

    However, this does not require believing a statement about her simply because it is bad. In this case, the conclusion does not follow from the evidence offered.

    • Followup: now, the current headline — “Ron Paul Campaign Brags About Endorsement Of Preacher Who Wants Death Penalty For Gays” [linked at sig] — would be a better case of showing that at least the preacher in question hates gays; and from other recently publicized remarks (e.g. in his old newsletters), Ron Paul himself looks more homophobic than most people realized.

  • Second Amendment Democrat

    The only way to stop the GOP is to assault the one think they love above all else – money. Cut off their lifeline, they will howl bloody murder, but they’ll be the ones to cave for a change. Here’s how you do it:

    1: Social Ostracism – Demonize the GOP and ALL its members/believers (in other words, do to them what they are already doing to us…)

    The GOP wants to take our money, our property and our personal freedoms in the name of religious bigotry and corporate and personal profit. Their sociopathic behavior has lost them the right to be treated as fellow humans. OSTRACIZE THE GOP. Do not engage them in conversation, do not wait on them at counters or restaurants, do not invite them to social events, in general MAKE THEM INVISIBLE. Do not respond to their questions/statements except to say, “I do not talk to the likes of YOU…” be sure to sneer on the final word so they understand the deep level of disgust you feel toward them. Or simply point to the sign on your wall that says “We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone.” Then turn away and go about your business as if they were invisible, and do not say another word to them unless they get out of control. Then just say “You must leave now, or I will call the police.” The goal is to isolate them from human society as one would do with any rabid dog.

    2: Economic ostracism: Boycott ALL large-scale retailers and franchise businesses (as much as possible – some services may only be available in your area by franchises, but look around.) Spend your money ONLY on locally-owned and run businesses. If you can, buy NOTHING major that gives money to large corporations (TV, computer, auto, appliances, etc. Buy nothing but food, basic clothing – no designer labels – and household dry goods like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc.) It will cost more for a while and be a bit of an inconvenience, but eventually the loss of income for the corporations will force a response. And there is nothing they can do to stop either action, they are the ones who thought up the “We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service”

    I can think of no other legal way to impact the rape and looting currently going on in the halls of power all over the nation.

  • James Hoffman

    I think some of these comments are pretty good at highlighting how well the Republican leadership has polarized society. They are using issues like immigration reform to “generate” differences that don’t exist. I think we all agree that we need to have laws about what level of documentation(etc.) is needed to establish a legal basis for living in this country and that these laws need enforcement. They’ve successfully(again) exploited fear and anger to cause people to argue over things that most of us agree on. This historically has been a pretty good way to split the left and they are up to their old tricks again. Don’t fall for it.

    Beware of the evil genius. His name is Karl Rove(among others like Rupert Murdoch, Ralph Reed etc.)and he’s ready to step on our necks every time we show disunity. Immigration reform is a “non issue”. It’s simply being generated to stir up fear among the ignorant and cultivate the perception that we(the current inhabitants of the left wing) are against it. When we really aren’t. If we want to change government in this country we need to get active in our local precinct and put the candidates in a position to win. Arguing online helps shake out ideas and will have some influence. But the right wing is right(as opposed to wrong). They are getting involved in the process and making it happen. We just seem to argue, not that they don’t, but we’re smarter than they are and we should know better than to engage in time wasters. Get active in your local precict and find out what you can do to help the cause!

  • Republicans do not hate America, they just hate Americans who are not wealthy.

  • Well living in Arizona the secret to SB1070 is that it is not about immigration at all. This state built lots of minimum security prisons to house DUI offenders that never came. They now use those prisons as med. security. It was from one of these prisons that the 3 people escaped last year and went on a killing spree. But I digress.
    When they shifted from DUI to med security it gave the lobbyists and prison owners a great idea.
    They want to build more prisons here and currently lobby for it…..When the ones we have now are not filled and the state is broke.
    So how do you convince the people to spend more money on prisons and line the pockets of the Brewer campaign as well as the rest such as Arpiao and Pearce……Brewers campaign manager is one of the biggest lobbyists in the states for the private prison corps.
    But….. You demonize illegals after all they are not even citizens it is not like they can come forward and complain about how they are treated. Then once you convince a bunch of under educated racists that these Mexicans are a threat to your job and life and they are stealing your identity etc….. Then well even in a state as broke as Arizona it is a easy sell to get them to build more prisons.
    Because the grand plan of Sheriff Joe is to lock them up over here in a jail we pay for for years then deport them anyway…..
    Now in a State that has cut everything to the bone and they refuse to raise taxes….Where is that money coming from?
    Wonderful part of it all is they will cash in building the prisons then cash in again filling them and billing the state for each person they house…..Then miracle of miracles will happen and they will donate money back to Brewer , Pearce and Arpiao and get them elected once again…..
    Criminal conflicts of interest all over the place. People used to go to jail for this type of corruption and the GOP with its deregulation and laws against Americans and in support of corporations as lead us to this mess.
    I mean really the whole drug testing thing in Florida is also a joke. Already proven it will not save anything near what it costs to do and all the money goes to the Governors bank account Via his wife……They are stealing this country blind in plain site all while saying it is the liberal social service programs that are the problem……
    I hope they all rot in __________ .

  • Marko, get a grip!
    Do you think those laws are aimed at the illegal Europeans that are over here? Really?? —
    Obama has more deportations than Bush ever did, why weren’t these states enacting these laws under Bush??
    this is another bogus fear tactic by the Right — aimed at “them” — notice they always need a “them” for people to be afraid of — some people that the right will help to “defend righteous Amerikans from” — Mexicans, gays, blacks, asians, “free-loaders” socialist scumbags, etc etc etc — It all points away from their policies that are running the country into the ground.
    They don’t want immigration reform, it would cut off their supply of cheap labor they can exploit.

    • Marko Freimann

      Why are you comparing Obama to Bush. I never mentioned anything about them. It is fine, you can state your facts about how Obama is better than Bush (true), but that I not what I was talking about. Please don’t label me a GOP supporter and start talking about how the GOP sucks. It sucks, and everyone knows this, it is old news.

      Honesty I do not care what the GOP or the Dems want (this is a reference to the “They don’t want immigration reform” statement). I was stating what I believe the government should do as a whole. On both the state and federal level.

      Now enough of my ranting, time to address this particular issue.
      Now you stated, “Do you think those laws are aimed at the illegal Europeans that are over here? “.

      My answer to this is, of course no. The state laws that were tried to be put in place, in placed such as Arizona, were meant to deal with a large Hispanic illegal immigration population, as most of the illegal immigrants in Arizona are indeed Hispanic. I see nothing wrong with trying to crack down; however, I agree with most civil rights activist who claim that the majority of the ‘recent’ Arizona immigration bills was drastically racist, hence why the GOP sucks. I only wish people would try attack the immigration problem without being discriminatory or ignoring “criminal activity”.

      Now about this question “Obama has more deportations than Bush ever did, why weren’t these states enacting these laws under Bush??”: I do not know about other states, but I do know that in California, the conservatives (people not politicians) HATED Bush and company for not doing anything about illegal immigration. So this immigration debate is nothing new. But to really answer your question, I do not know, maybe they do not like brown people and people like that should be voted (or kicked) out of office.

      If you don’t think I have answered your questions or that I still need to get a grip, feel free to email me at [email protected]. I like to hear more form you, together we can change this country. Have a nice day.

      • Marko: “Why are you comparing Obama to Bush [?]”

        I’ll jump in to give my own answer: Guantanamo isn’t closed.

        The Patriot Act, instead of being repealed, just got a military-detention booster-shot (the NDAA), which Obama first threatened to veto, then decided he liked after all. Yummy.

        We got drones. Lots of drones. Not only bombing military and civilian targets in the Middle East (and not just Iraq & Afghanistan there!), but also flying over the good old USA now. Feel safe?

        Under Obama it is now official US policy that with the President’s signature alone, no trial, no judge, no “due process”, no other legal procedure at all, an American citizen — in or out of a war zone — can be assassinated by US military forces. If the President deems it necessary, in his sole judgment. War on Terror, y’know.

        *Still* feel safe with those drones overhead?

        I’d love to nominate Russ Feingold (the only Senator who voted *against* the Patriot Act) for President on the Democratic ticket, against Obama. I wonder if he’d run….

      • Marko: “Why are you comparing Obama to Bush[?]”

        I’ll jump in with my own answer: Guantanamo’s still open.

        The Patriot Act not only didn’t get repealed, it just got a military-detention booster-shot (the NDAA), which Obama had threatened to veto but then decided he liked, yummy.

        And it is now official US policy that with the President’s signature — by his ruling of “terrorist” alone, no judge, due process, or other legal rights involved — any American citizen may be assassinated, in or out of a war zone, by the US military. War on Terror, y’know. (Like the use of militarized police on protesters.)

        What else helps? We Got Drones! Lots of Drones! Not just dropping hellfire on designated cars and apartments and wedding parties over in the Middle East, but buzzing around in US skies now. Don’t you just feel safe and protected?

        Well, thank God it’s only Bush who would allow that, and it will all stop as soon as Obama takes office. And I’m sure he’ll prosecute the torturers and Wall Street malefactors, too! …

        Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) was the only senator brave enough to vote against the Patriot Act. He’s out of office now (replaced by a Republican); maybe he could be drafted to run against Obama for the 2012 Democratic nomination….

  • What a crock!!! In my humble opinion the writer of this dribble has lumped everyone who is a Republican into one packet. That is about 50% of the population of the nation. This person has no clue what I think. What an idiot.

    • Why don’t you actually address the points with facts then, instead of an uniformed rant?

    • If what the author has suggested you, as a Republican, think is not in fact what you think, then perhaps you’d better start DEMANDING that your Republican representatives start representing your beliefs. You might even threaten to vote them out of office at the first opportunity if they don’t start REPRESENTING you. Because no matter how strenuously you object to what the author has said, you didn’t (couldn’t?) dispute the fact that Republican legislators are, in fact, doing exactly what’s said here.

    • The Republican party puts out its agenda and voted exactly as the author of this post states. So therefore, if you are a Republican and you vote Republican than you support that agenda! It’s like trying to say you are kinda pregnant! You either are a Republican or not! You can’t have it both ways.

    • Actually, it’s labelled various people that add up to everyone. Everyone breathes, no?

    • You are wasteing your time, trying to hold a discussion with these people. they don’t want to talk to you or anyone on the right, we are the enemy. If you and I made a sweeping statement such as all blacks steal we would and should be condemmed as bigots, but the Dems can say all republicans are evil and there is nothing wrong with that.

      • James Ray “You are wasteing your time, trying to hold a discussion with these people. they don’t want to talk to you or anyone on the right, we are the enemy”

        You are responding to clear, specific accusations with vague claims of victimhood. You are being evasive and you are in denial. The Republican Party voted for those measures; that is not a “sweeping statement”, it is fact.

    • Then how about you stand up to the extremists that have taken over your party?

    • That you’re pretending to humility while calling the author an idiot pretty much establishes that you ARE a very typical Republicultist, and that the author has it just about spot on.

      The ‘average’ Republicultist out there is about six steps on the other side of sociopath, and the leaders’ caucus makes Arkham Asylum look like a retirement center for the terminally nice.

      The only point where the author misses is in the assertion that any of the subgroups he lists would be accepted by the Republicult as Americans. Since they’re not Wealthy, Pink, Christofascist penis-bearers, they don’t fit any of the Republicult criteria… and if they’re not Republicultists they’re only barely human, if at all.

      Yeah. If you’re Republicult, you ARE the enemy of the US as it’s historically been…. and if you take it over, you can go to history as the NeoVisigoths.

  • Marko Freimann

    Everything is cool but this:
    “When Republicans in Arizona, Texas, Alabama, and several other states passed laws that discriminate against ethnic Americans in the name of national security, they showed us that they hate Ethnic Americans and especially hate Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and Asian Americans.”

    Really. Come on people not every action taken against undocumented workers or illegal aliens is racist or discriminatory or anti-immigration. Now it is true that some of that stuff was pretty stupid and down right wrong, but that does not mean one should attack every immigration bill that gets introduced.

    What we need is real immigration reform, or better yet real domestic reform. No more spending money oversees on wars!

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