Two and a Half Men Creator, Chuck Lorre, Takes Swipe At Catholic Church Over Anti-Contraception Stance (IMAGE)

Chuck Lorre is famous (or infamous, if you ask Charlie Sheen) for the vanity cards at the end of his various shows like Dharma & Greg, TheBig Bang Theory and, of course, Two and a Half Men. The vanity card is the little clip at the end of an episode that let the audience know what production company is behind the television show. Usually, the vanity cards is a short video that means something to the producer but very little to the audience.

Chuck Lorre, on the other hand, puts up on the screen what amounts to a blog post. Usually funny or insightful, the vanity cards were, at one point, a part of the feud between Lorre and Charlie Sheen during Sheen’s very public meltdown. Occasionally, the cards are even edited by the studio due to content. Last night, though, Lorre took aim at a much larger target than Charlie Sheen’s ego: The Catholic Church and its sudden interest in the politics of women’s contraception.

Here’s what viewers of last night’s episode of Two and a Half Men were treated to:

Talk about kicking a hornets’ nest! Once this makes the rounds in the Right Wing blogosphere expect much faux outrage and screams of “persecuting religion” bla bla bla. The best comedians do their best work by exposing uncomfortable truths in a way that makes us laugh even as we squirm. Kudos Mr. Lorre.


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