Wisconsin Assembly Officially Ends Employment Discrimination Remedies

All across the nation we have seen a GOP assault on pretty much everyone who is not a rich white christian, male. Today this took on a whole new level as the State Assembly passed Senate Bill 202. This bill was introduced by Senator Glenn Grothman. According to Representative Christine Sinicki, Grothman said a woman’s place is at home cooking, cleaning, and making babies. For this reason he authored a bill making it so that people who are discriminated against by employers cannot sue for punitive or compensatory damages. This bill passed the Senate on partisan lines. Today, February 21, 2012, the bill was in front of the Assembly. The Democrats gave speech after speech on how bad this bill was, focusing on the current income gap between males and females. And after all of that, just one Republican stood up to defend the bill. The one who spoke was Representative Michelle Litjens who pulled out a defense seen time and time again. She simply said the Democrats were lying and that this bill doesn’t reverse any rights someone who has been discriminated against has. To call her bullshit we need look no further than the title of the bill.

Senate Bill 202: An Act to repeal 111.39 (5) (d), 111.397 and 893.995; and to amend 111.39 (4) (d) and 814.04 (intro.) of the statutes; relating to: elimination of compensatory and punitive damages for acts of employment discrimination or unfair honesty or genetic testing. (FE)

I don’t know what kind of education Michelle got in school, but to me that is pretty clear. And what I quoted above was written by the non-partisan Legislative Reference Bureau. I do not see any way a bill that says “elimination of compensatory and punitive damages for…” would do anything less than eliminate the ability to receive such damages. Do the Republicans really think we are that stupid? The bill passed with every Republican Woman voting for it. But what is really stunning is not that it passed, it is the realization that the women in the Republican party will not even stand up for their own gender. They vote for legislation that discriminates against their own sex. Do they truly agree with Grothman that a woman’s place is in the home? Do they believe they do not deserve the jobs they have? I am not sure what they believe, but they voted in agreement. I find it sad that these women have no pride in the rights that they have earned.

We need to start calling the truth out. This is an attack on women. There is a reason the GOP loves people like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. It is because the GOP likes the image they project. These people paint women as dumb and obedient. They will vote against and support things against their best interests because men tell them to. They want people to buy the image of all women being stupid. So they embrace women like Palin and Bachmann. Senate Bill 202 was nothing more than a move to “put women in their place”. It sickens me that these bills pass. But what sickens me more is how the women of the GOP just sit back and feed into an image that no woman would want. Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Michelle Litjens represent a class of woman with very low intelligence. These are people who are too stupid to hold any other job. They represent a very small group of women, a group that sticks to pre-suffrage ideas that equate women to no greater than a slave. This view may have flown decades ago. But in this day and age such discriminatory laws are not socially acceptable. I am also willing to bet the majority of women, minority, and disabled voters will not take to kindly to this assault either. And fortunately for us, every single member of the Wisconsin State Assembly will be up for re-election this year. Therefore, this assault is not likely to last much longer.

Jeremy Ryan

Executive Director

Defending Wisconsin PAC

[email protected]

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