BREAKING: Major Victory For Women’s Rights, Virginia’s Senate Defeats ‘Personhood’ Bill

Author: February 23, 2012 5:29 pm

It was but a few short hours ago when this snarky writer wrote that the ‘Personhood” bill  passed in the Virginia State Senate Committee. At the time, the bill appeared to be inevitable to pass in Virginia’s state senate. Well, I am delighted to now say that the nauseatingly religious and virulently anti-woman ‘Personhood’ bill was defeated in the Senate.

According to HuffPo, the bill was defeated in a 24-14 vote, and the Senate agreed to Republican Leader Tommy Norment’s (R-James City County) motion to table the extremist legislation until next year’s legislative session. Helpfully enough, six Republicans defied their party’s uncompromising and rigid thinking and joined 18 Democratic senators to kill the bill…for now at least. It was originally thought that Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling (R)  was going to provide the tie-breaker vote, but Norment judiciously believed the bill needed further study. It looks like women can temporarily unclench the aspirin between their legs.

Naturally, Democratic groups were elated.

This is a huge win for women in the Republican war on a women’s right to choose and women’s health,”said Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee spokeswoman Carolyn Fiddler.

Personhood] is on life support, and there ain’t a doctor around for 200 miles,” tweeted Andy Jenks from NBC News 12 in Virginia (Source: Huffington Post)

Between the antediluvian contraception debate and the bill mandating that women seeking an abortion undergo a trans-vaginal ultrasound (state-sponsored rape, but don’t tell that to CNN’s Dana Loesch), Virginia was looking more like Iran but with more Cracker Barrels. Of course that fundamentally flawed and ridiculously intrusive bill was recently amended to exclude women that do not “consent to the invasive trans-vaginal ultrasound.”

In brief, women and non religiously insane men can universally heave an audible sigh of relief as Virginia appears to have temporarily postponed its one-way trip back to the dark ages.


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