Indiana GOP Secretary Of State Gets Home Detention For 6 Felony Counts Of Voter Fraud: ‘I Just Wanted to Vote.’

Republican Charlie White, Secretary of State of Indiana was sentenced to one year of home detention, a $1,000 fine and 30 hours of community service for 6 felony convictions. His defense attorney proclaimed this was a victimless crime and asked for the felony charges to be reduced to misdemeanors so that Mr. White could continue to serve the state of Indiana as Secretary of State.

What the hell is going on in the state of Indiana? Victimless crime? This is the same Mr. White that had shouted from the rooftops that voter IDs were necessary to stamp out voter fraud, the same voter fraud that he, himself, was convicted of committing. It was a case arising out of the state of Indiana in 2008 where the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a voter-identification law in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board finding that photo identification was not unconstitutional and affirmed that states have a “valid interest” in improving election procedures and deterring fraud. And this guy wants his job back protecting the citizens of Indiana from whom? Charlie White?

White took the stand today for the first time since being indicted on 7 felony counts of voter fraud including false registrations, voting in another precinct, filing a false ballot, theft and two counts of perjury. In fact, no witnesses were called to testify on his behalf during his trial which resulted in 6 felony convictions by a Hamilton County jury on February 4, 2012.

Testimony began with his wife, Michelle Quigley White, who let the court know that her husband was at “risk” of losing his job, losing his law license, and then explained while wiping away tears:

“I just want my husband back because we have a family to raise and I can’t do it alone.”

This author is already sobbing—who could possibly top that? Mr. Charlie White, of course. According to the, White read a statement to the court:

“I never intentionally meant to do anything I was convicted of,” he told the judge, crying at times. “All I wanted to do was to vote. I was not trying to influence any race… Even though I have been politically active, I am human.”

White gave a laundry list of his contributions to the state of Indiana, his plans for improving the state and summarized his work on the Town Council of the City of Fishers.

“I’m sad that these works are not what I will be remembered by,” he said.

Soon thereafter, tears flowing, he spoke of his grandmother, the fact that he would “likely” lose his job and have trouble finding another because of the publicity over his case. Damn–this is a tragedy! He might be unemployed? Join the rest of the unemployed, Mr. White–the non-felonious unemployed.

Pending appeal, Superior Court Judge Steven Nation stayed White’s home detention. Really? Home detention and a fine? What if Mr. White had been Mr. Black? Mr. Elderly? Mr. Student? Mr. Poor? Mr. Minority? Still victimless? Still home detention for 6 felonies?

Something to think about while Mr. White is walking around, free as a bird waiting for the next political battle in Indiana—who will be the next Secretary of State of Indiana. The Democrats have declared that since White was not properly registered to vote, he was never eligible to run and his Democratic opponent, Vop Osili, should be named to the job. The Indiana Supreme Court will hear arguments next week.