Women in Combat, Gay Marriage and Contraception: Republicans only think about SEX

Thanks to the Arizona debate, the American voters had the chance to confirm Republicans don’t have a serious candidate for the 2012 Presidential Elections and that President Obama will prevail.

Indeed the only serious candidate among the GOPs lineup is Newt Gingrich, the others are just a lower category of amateurs as there were no big shots available for the 2012 bid.

Rick Santorum is politically and psychologically unfit even for being considered a candidate. He wouldn’t be a serious governor candidate either. His psychotic positions on sex and religion and his raving about mysterious emotions coming up when female soldiers operate in the frontline made him appear like Kubrick’s character General Jack Ripper and basically were his political grave.

A while ago, when Mr. Santorum appeared on the O’Reilly Factor and got questioned on his anti-gay position, the former senator started stuttering. He brings up the wrong issues, the wrong citations, the wrong arguments at the wrong time and he’s not able to address an audience.

Like his “Out of touch” colleague Mitt Romney, this man is completely out of place in the political arena, he’s got no charisma, he’s a Catholic supported by evangelicals…who is this guy? What is he doing here? Well, this guy is half the Republican candidate for the Presidential Elections and a complete weirdo. If we had to attach a song to Rick Santorum, the best would be “Creep” by Radiohead.

Santorum can be defined as “a half candidate” because the GOP nominee is shared with Mitt “Sky Masterson” Romney, the Governor of Massachusetts who likes to make ten thousand dollar bets during political debates. Romney has also some difficult about his temper too, even if he looks like a cool guy. In the ridiculous hypothetical picture in which he would be President, could you imagine Mitt Romney inviting David Cameron “to bet ten grand?” Romney is unfit not only to become president but even being considered as a potential nominee.

If these are the candidates it is more than clear that the GOP not only does not have their 2012 candidate but it also demonstrates they don’t have a leadership that shares a common ground of values. Current Republican values seem to be the real problem for the Republicans. During the Iowa Caucuses the only common ground for being a Republican candidate was being pro-life and anti-gay.

At this regard, thanks to the Iowa caucuses we learned that almost 90% of American Catholics support Gay marriage and, according to the last Gallup survey, 53% of Americans favors legal gay marriage. So whose interests are these candidates defending at the end of the day? Who are today’s Republicans? A religious movement that fights against abortion and gay marriage while the majority of Americans favor them?

However, to tell the truth, the real strong point of the 2012 Republican campaign is SEX. Yes, you got it: Sex. That’s their hobbyhorse to challenge President Obama’s leadership.

In the past six months, the arguments brought up by the GOP were: Contraception, Females in Combat and Gay marriage. That’s what Republicans think about all the time: Sex. This is what they are going to bring up when their candidate will have his one-on-one debate with President Obama: They will talk about Sex.

In my modest opinion and being Italian I think I have a certain natural attitude in this field and you just need to give a glimpse to Michelle Obama to understand that if it’s about seduction, the President of the United States is second to none and he’s impossible to defeat because if you look the First Lady in the eyes you immediately realize the challenge is so hard that you simply have to forget about it. At least you won’t exit alive from such a challenge, that’s why you got to have real guts to be the President of the United States.

In my opinion and with all due respect, Michelle Obama is the sexiest woman on the planet, her erotic power is simply out of this world and even if for any Latin Lover it would be the challenge of a lifetime you know it can also be your last….

That’s why Michelle Obama could be really the worst enemy possible for those wimp-sissy Republican candidates.

In an imaginary world I would have sent Michelle Obama to face every of those GOPs wimps. Can you imagine Rick Santorum, the half-man who is afraid of female emotions, having to face the Black Venus?

He would probably start sweating, shivering to the bone and then pass out. It would be the best show ever broadcasted on tv.

But this is the real world and in the end, the Iowa caucuses mathematically demonstrated that the Republican party does not exist anymore: It’s clinically dead. Not just because these candidates are hilarious and don’t match with today’s demands but because of their lack of arguments. Indeed, every one of their stances is absolutely fake, you can tell it by watching the speech rehearsal about Lybia by Herman Cain or listen to Romney trying to convince himself he’s a conservative.

It seems these people have been pulled into this race under the threat of deportation to Guantanamo.

Why somebody today would choose to run for the most difficult and stressful political elections campaign of all times while the light at the end of the tunnel is the most difficult and stressful job on the planet is a mystery. Are they crazy?

However not only the lack of a serious lineup and the lack of arguments are the key elements to understand the decease of the Grand Old Party; they don’t have a new generation who can keep up with their tradition of sex and religion.

If you are doubtful about the present GOP leadership take a look at the youngsters: Marco Rubio, US Senator from Florida, was interviewed by Bill O’Reilly a while ago and when asked about Obama, he immediately picked up Lybia. Rubio said “America’s intervention in Lybia was too in late and if it was done before, we avoided to spend too much money on its reconstruction.” Bill O’Reilly is not a foreign policy genius and had nothing to say about it.I would like to suggest Mr. Rubio to immediately fire his Foreign Policy advisor as reconstruction  in Lybia won’t need any external intervention as the state of Lybia is the richest nation in the South Emisphere not only because of their oilfields but because of the trillions of assets that were seized from the Geddafi family.

However being the shortness of arguments a common situation among Republicans you cannot blame the young Rubio for a strike of brilliance. Misjudged? If you really want to have the pulse on the “young republicans situation” then you should watch Marco Rubio CPAC Address, it’s simply u n b e l i e v a b l e. In comparison, Rick Santorum is a healthy man. Indeed if you watch Marco Rubio CPAC address you can see Mr. Rubio suffering of nervous tics that look more like real epilectic seizures. He often moves his jaw back and forth, you can see it as his inferior lips goes backwards as he seems to suck his owns saliva every two seconds. This is a disorder that happens to patients who suffer a great deal of emotional stress. What could be the emotional stress of Marco Rubio? He’s a young man! Probably being a Republican at this time is very very stressful.