Romney 2012 Stadium Crowd Compared To Obama 2008 Stadium Crowd (IMAGES)

I was fortunate enough in 2008 to hear President Obama speak, twice. Both times were in front of packed crowds with tens of thousands of supporters. Romney, by contrast, appeared yesterday in front of a sad-looking stadium crowd of just 1200 people. These photos from Think Progress tell most of the story:

Romney at Ford Stadium in Detroit, February 24, 2012

Obama in Cincinnati, OH, four years ago today.

In all fairness to Romney, it looks like the event was originally intended for a venue that holds just 1200 people, the number that showed up at his stadium speech. It was moved for security reasons. More telling, perhaps is the fact that the Romney campaign is planning for such small crowds. The Romney passion simply is not there. His unfavorability ratings are consistently much higher than his favorable ratings.

He seems pathologically unable to connect to real people, the type of people who might spend a day at an outdoor football stadium in the middle of a Michigan winter. In fact, at his speech yesterday, he tried to relate to Motor City residents by saying that his family owned American cars. That’s perfect, except he illustrated his point by saying that his wife owned two Cadillacs, when most people are lucky to have two running cars for the entire family. He told CNN that he “doesn’t care about the very poor.” He bet Rick Perry $10,000 in a Presidential debate, over two months income for most families. He keeps weirdly talking about the height of Michigan’s trees and the size of their streets.

Still, Romney is leading in Michigan.