Muslims Insult The Tenets Of Islam By Committing Murder Over Accidentally Burned Quarans

Most sane people don’t condone the burning of any religious text, but due to what seems to be periodically inevitable, some idiot will appear out of nowhere to burn a Holy Book like the Quran and purposely draw attention to themselves. For example, the glory-hound pastor from Florida named Terry Jones who caused an international uproar after he boasted about his intentions to burn the Quran before he actually went through with his meaningless, inflammatory plans. But based on reports, this current Quran burning at a NATO base was allegedly an “inadvertent mistake.” Nevertheless, it did not stop more international outrage from Muslims, especially in Afghanistan where over 20 people have been killed, including 2 American soldiers.

Just as President Obama issued a written apology for these most recent Quran burnings, when Pastor Terry Jones went on his religious, witch-hunt to burn the Quran, the United States strongly condemned Jones’ actions and his rhetoric, which included a significant number of writers and journalists. And when the unsightly video of U.S. Marines urinating on what appeared to be dead Taliban fighters surfaced, the United States once again strongly condemned the actions, along with most writers and journalists, which is not bad for a bunch of westernized infidels.

Most sane people just don’t go around stirring up hornet’s nests through some misguided attempt to form a better appreciation of the agony of a sting, despite presidential nominee Rick Santorum’s decree that President Obama should not have apologized. If people used their common sense half as much as they like to parade around on their religious high-horses, it would become brazenly apparent that the United States does not encourage this Quran burning type of behavior. Otherwise, there would be Quran burnings all throughout the country, because the mere size of the U.S. makes it very difficult to keep these kinds of activities under wraps, especially within this YouTube/social media world that we now live in. In all likelihood, there could be Quran burnings in the streets everyday here in the U.S., and the fact that there are not should tell the Islamic world that most sane people have decided to leave well-enough alone, and that should count for something. The fact that it obviously does not says more about the ideologue than the skeptic!

And as for apologizing, it never hurts to try to take the high-road whenever possible, even if the low-road is all that you’ll probably get in return. That’s politics, and Santorum knows that better than anyone. After all, he’s the one who just talked about taking one for the team during this past Republican debate in Arizona, when he was asked about some of his questionable, supportive, voting tendencies in regards to Planned Parenthood and No Child Left Behind. Well Santorum, sometimes apologies have to be issued for the team.

Based on the worldwide protests and the mindless killings that always follows, retaliatory fear usually plays a major role in the extreme hesitancy to burn religious texts, specifically the Quran, and it is that same fear that also causes any kind of criticism, constructive or otherwise, to be timidly whispered at best, especially when laid at the feet of Islam, but not this time, at least not by me, because no one is above criticism, not even angry, protesting Muslims.

So to the bungling acts that allowed for the Quran to be burned, even if it was inadvertent, my advice would be to keep your eyes on whatever you have in mind of striking a match to or pouring gasoline on, because fire does not discriminate, and the results are almost always fatally final. Now to the protesting Muslims and other religious fanatics around the world, my advice would be to hold your horses for a change, and refocus and redistribute your anger more evenly. It’s easy to go out into the streets and act like fools based on the popularity momentum of Islam, but it requires a more meaningful effort to step up to the genocidal plate and protest with that same passionate fury for the essence of Islam.

In other words, protesting the burning of the Quran is easy, but protesting the non-discriminatory slaughtering of human lives in Syria by the Bashar al-Assad regime is a tad bit more strenuous politically and theoretically. If there was a plethora of pictures of Middle-Eastern children found shot to death, burned alive, chopped up with their genitals sliced off at the hands of the United States, the Islamic cry to fight the westernized infidels would be deafening—not to mention the fact that public outcry here in the U.S. would be just as deafening!

What the al-Assad regime has done and is doing to the Syrian people, most of them probably Muslims, is unacceptable. It’s worse than any cartoon about Muhammad, and it’s worse than any Quran burning. If Bashar al-Assad has not graduated into infidelity at this point, then what will have to happen for that realization to finally be reached to the point where that same cartoon Muhammad anger and all of the Quran burning anger is matched by the fiery anger that should be inflaming the actions of his bloody regime?

Any organization that would consistently and blindly put the politics of its ideology ahead of the welfare of its people deserves to be criticized and is no club that will ever gain my membership, and that goes for Christianity, Islam, political parties or any other groupings. People burn; ideologies do not! It’s easier to protect the one that doesn’t burn even when it is burned, because the path of least resistance is usually the path with the most traffic, because in the end the power lies in the ideology, and that’s why it is so vehemently defended.

And if you don’t believe that, just ask yourself why the ideology/book sparks so much more outrage than these vicious, sometimes genocidal crackdowns, whether it was the Moammar Gadhafi regime, the Ahmadinejad regime, the Hosni Mubarak regime, or the current Bashar al-Assad regime! Shouldn’t the burning of actual Muslims be just as disheartening as the burning of the Quran, or is it that people just don’t care as long as it’s not their ass that’s on fire or being riddled by shelling? And if that’s not an infidel caricature, it most definitely should be!