Pic of Gay Marine Reuniting With His Partner Goes Viral (IMAGE)

Sgt. Brandon Morgan greets his partner Dalan Wells.

One thing the media has discovered over the years is that nothing puts a smile on faces and attracts viewers like the emotional happy homecoming of combat soldier with his family and significant other. These days, the evening news shows seem to be showing more happy reunions than ever before. There’s even a website exclusively dedicated to showing videos and pictures of happy reunions.

A pleasant surprise of the times is news that a picture of a gay Marine greeting his partner has gone viral. Sgt. Brandon Morgan was recently reunited with his partner, Dalan Wells at a military base in Hawaii. Their passionate encounter that was fortunately caught on camera and placed on the Facebook page, Gay Marines on Facebook.

In a matter of hours the picture went viral with well over 17,000 ‘likes,’ 3,000 ‘shares’ and almost 4,000 comments. Not surprisingly, some of the comments are….shall we say a bit hostile and homophobic. But most of the comments recognize the fact that our society has come so far in its acceptance of LGBT people that such a public expressions of affection between two members of the same gender is now considered by most as “kewl.”

Not surprisingly, Sgt. Morgan has responded to all hub-bub about the picture appropriately:

“I’m glad I can be an inspiration to someone. Thank you so very much for sharing my story. “To everyone who has responded in a positive way, my partner and I want to say thank you. … As for the haters, let em hate.”

Below is a seasons greeting video Sgt. Morgan made last December.  Now I ask you: Does he strike you as the kind of guy a homophobe would dare dis to his face?

Video here: