Alabama, Idaho, And Pennsylvania Republicans All Seek To Pass Mandatory Ultrasound Bills

In the wake of the GOP retreat from a transvaginal ultrasound bill in Virginia, Republicans in other states are seeking to pass similar bills that would force women to spend money on a medical procedure she does not need nor want, all in attempt to undermine a woman’s right to choose.

Republicans in Alabama are pushing SB 12, which forces doctors “to perform an ultrasound, provide verbal explanation of the ultrasound, and display the images to the pregnant woman before performing an abortion.” The bill also gives doctors the choice over which kind of ultrasound to use, meaning a doctor with anti-abortion views could force a woman to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound, which is performed by inserting a wand into the vagina and moving it around. Such a procedure has been equated to state sanctioned rape. And even rape victims who seek an abortion cannot opt out of such a procedure, meaning they would essentially be raped a second time by her medical provider. The sponsor of the bill, Republican Senator Clay Scofield, wants this procedure to happen ??“so she sees that this is not just a clump of cells as she is told. She will see the shape of the infant. And hopefully, she will choose to keep the child.”

Republicans are also pushing an ultrasound bill in Idaho. According to The Spokesman-Review, Republican Senator Chuck Winder and several anti-abortion groups are sponsoring a bill that would force women to undergo an ultrasound before obtaining an abortion. Though the language requiring a transvaginal ultrasound has been taken out of the bill, the Review observes that “the issue is that at very early stages of pregnancy, a regular abdominal ultrasound doesn’t provide a clear picture of the fetus, only an invasive transvaginal ultrasound, which requires insertion of a wand into the patient’s vagina, does.” This means that doctors may still be forced to decide upon using the state sanctioned rape option to get a clear picture of the fetus.

And in Pennsylvania, House Republican Kathy Rapp and several anti-abortion groups are sponsoring HB 1077, which forces doctors to position the ultrasound viewer screen to where women will virtually have no choice, other than keeping their eyes shut, to see the image of the fetus. It also requires doctors to create two copies of the image. One for the medical records, and one for the woman to present to her abortion provider before having an abortion. Fox News 43 in Pennsylvania reports that the bill could reach the House floor for a full vote in about three weeks.

These bills represent the latest efforts by Republicans to legislate a woman’s uterus. They are meant to humiliate and shame women into not having abortions and represent one of the single greatest invasions of privacy in American history. For some reason Republicans think women are incapable of making decisions on their own and that’s truly insulting to American women and their intelligence. Women understand what pregnancy is. They also understand what the results of pregnancy are. They are NOT stupid. The fact is, women know what is best for them and for their bodies far more than any politician does. Republicans are so hell bent on banning abortion that they even want to refuse women who are raped to have access to the procedure. And on top of that, Republicans want to invade the body of a raped woman by forcing her to have a wand shoved into her vagina. It’s sadistic. I’m sure there will be a day when these sick politicians also require that they get to watch as the procedure happens, just so they can humiliate these poor women even more. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Forcing women to carry their rapist’s baby lets the rapist win. Not only does he get the sick satisfaction of raping and impregnating his victim, he gets to know for a fact that his victim will continue to be physically and emotionally tortured for nine additional months. Republicans, therefore, are accomplices to rape because they are awarding the rapist with progeny. They are saying to every rapist in America, that they can rape women and we will continue torturing your victims for you for nearly a year and may even rape them again with a probe. It’s despicable. A society where women are oppressed is a society that lacks liberty and freedom. These anti-abortion bills should enrage women across the country, and if not, women are allowing their own freedom to be taken away from them.