The Dead Atheist Pro-Choice Novelist Who Inspires The Republican Party Would Hate The Republican Party (VIDEO)

One of the oddest things about the current Republican party is that their two most powerful influencers would probably hate what has been made of their legacy. Of course, neither of them are around to defend themselves, so the Republicans have somehow moulded a relative (by today’s standards) moderate into someone to the right of Mussolini and a social libertarian into a social conservative.

Reagan, their ideological King would barely recognize the party that he is credited to have reinvented.

Ayn Rand, whose works of horrible fiction have launched an entire movement, had little in common with the “every man” of today’s Republican party. She did worship at the altar of the free market, but she was far from a social conservative. She was an atheist. She was pro-choice. She was pro-gay rights. She, like progressives, didn’t believe that personal rights were subject to a vote. She even disliked Ronald Reagan because he was too socially conservative.

Here’s the video:

Ayn Rand biographer, Gary Weiss even goes so far as to say that Ayn Rand would have hated the current GOP field, especially the man who is most closely identified with the libertarian novelist, Ron Paul.

From Raw Story:

“I don’t think she would particularly like any of the candidates,” Weiss said during an appearance on CNBC, “including Ron Paul. I think she would have hated Ron Paul.”

When asked why, Weiss noted that Paul was opposed to abortion.

“And she was very much in favor of abortion. She didn’t favor Ronald Reagan for the same reasons that she wouldn’t have favored any of the Republican nominees: for social issues.”

Video here:

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