Gingrich Proudly Treats His Base Like A Bunch Of Gun Totin’ Simpletons

For some inexplicable reason, Newt Gingrich has the reputation as an intellectual among fools. He bills himself as a historian and he’s an elder statesman within the Republican party. Just a few months ago, Republicans were looking to him to end the anti-intellectual fervor that has arguably been present since the election of Ronald Reagan. Well, that hasn’t happened. Not only has Gingrich jumped into the deep end of the anti-intellectual pool, he’s done so with all the contempt and condescension he can muster. Gingrich, the pundit, spoke of policy. Gingrich, the candidate speaks of huntin’ and gun racks and derides fuel-efficient cars. This is where I have to give Sarah Palin some credit. At least she doesn’t look like she was born wearing a blue pin stripe suit. She actually is the rube she pretends to be. Gingrich is simply the guy who never learned any social skills, thinking intellect is an electoral liability and the entire Republican base are nothing but NASCAR watching, pickup driving, Yosemite Sams.

At a Georgia campaign event, Gingrich tried to appeal to the crowd by saying, “You can’t put a gun rack on a (Chevy) Volt.” The implication, of course is that the existence of hybrid Chevy Volts is proof that the Obama administration is going to force people to get rid of their pickup trucks and by extension, their guns. Gingrich, of course, knows that one thing has absolutely nothing to do with the other. Some people will buy Volts. Some people will buy pickups. Some will buy both. Some will buy neither.

Actually, you can put a gun rack in a Volt. Video here:

So, Gingrich retracted…kind of. From Raw Story:

“There’s a YouTube video of a guy in Atlanta who owns a Volt who put a gun rack in the trunk,” Gingrich confessed to his supporters in Savannah on Friday. “But a friend of mine from Camilla, Georgia, who’s a hunter, said, ‘Yeah, but where does the deer go?’”

I’m really not sure where Newt gets the idea that people use their vehicles solely for hunting. I would imagine that if anyone in his audience had an hour or so commute to work, they’d be thrilled at having a Chevy Volt and maybe a pickup for the weekend.

Which brings me to the next bit of Gingrich stupidity, his insistence that the President controls gas prices and as President, he would promise that they’d be $2.50 a gallon. Well, the President has no control over gas prices, and unless he plans on nationalizing (socializing) the US oil supply, President Gingrich will have no control over gas prices. However, as long as he keeps saber-rattling toward Iran, oil prices will continue to rise. Gingrich’s poll numbers? Not so much.


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