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  1. tittiger
    March 10, 2012

    I like it the law should apply equally to everyone. Great step at putting the jack booted thugs back in the box.

  2. ronsandy
    March 3, 2012

    Wow, the dumb-ass bozo’s who put forward this bill, the even dumber-ass bozo’s who passed the bill, along with the National Rifle Association who supports this bill, have given defending one’s self a whole new meaning. When the day comes any one of you need the help of the police I hope their reply is “sorry, can’t help you as I am not putting my life on the line for you”. We all know the police won’t do that, they will help as they are trained to do, but I sure hope they take the Swat Team with them and get set up before they knock on any doors when they are there to investigate any kind of incident. This bill is ridiculous, can see a “free for all shoot out” happening between citizens and the police.

  3. Captainscorpio
    March 2, 2012

    Don’t see why this is too far. This is a rare instance of the GOP actually following through on what it claims to be about — the rights of citizens — and not making exceptions for military/law enforcement.

    Police already have massive legal authority on their side; add in common public assumption of their victims’ guilt (especially when they’re of color), a frequent disinclination to prosecute and ready means to tamper with evidence. Witness the widespread Occupy abuse, and then multiply for all the occasions when there wasn’t a bunch of white victims to get it on TV. They’re able to assault with near impunity where, had any protester raised a hand in their own defense, they’d have been lucky to have been charged with assaulting an officer rather than gunned down.

    Of course the language is “believe”; all self-defense is about what the defender believes to be true; you don’t wait until someone’s convicted of a crime against you before you act in self-defense. But hey, I’ll totally back amending it to “reasonably believe.”

    Then the affluent GOP neighborhood scenario doesn’t hold out any more than a non-affluent neighborhood. Police need to announce their presence and intent before entering a property; if they present a warrant, then there’s no reasonable question of the legality of their entry (though illegal warrants are possible, that’s not reasonable to assume).

    Self-defense oughtn’t stop being self-defense because the attacker has a uniform and works for the government.

  4. Deborah Montesano
    March 2, 2012

    And, again, protections are being removed from women. Now, even the police can save them from a beating, or worse. Indiana, if not a no-mans-land, should certainly become a no-womans-land. Ladies, jump ship!

    • bo7412
      March 2, 2012

      Hey I under no circumstances agree with domestic violence, but there are multiple provisions in place for battered women and children. If her husband is beating her them grab a gun and shoot his a**. But in a corrupt world we need to have a balance in power and this includes Law enforcement. Who do u think they work for. Before we know it all of our rights are going to be gone.I should have every right to defend myself from anyone including Law enforcement that enters my home illegally. The persons who started this see what the government is becoming. Officers have multiple tools at there disposal to protect themselves. WHAT DO WE HAVE?

  5. Adroid
    March 2, 2012

    Considering how the police have been acting lately, a little freedom of self-defense doesn’t sound so bad.

  6. The Progressive Cop
    March 2, 2012

    Just wait until a violent crime wave starts in the GOP’ers affluent neighborhoods and the police whom they’ve hamstrung will not be able to help them. We’ll ask, where was the NRA? Why couldn’t they help you?

    The GOP caters so much to the NRA and gun nut lobby that things like this happen because their members are afraid they won’t have gun rights in the future. Here’s a newsflash GOP, NRA, and Fox News… No matter how much anyone on the left really wants to ban guns, they’ll never be ban. That is because the neither the 2nd Amendment nor any of the Bill of Rights are likely to ever be repealed. Think about it NRA folks, 2/3 of state legislatures would have to ratify an appeal even if the entire US Congress and the White House were stocked full of gun haters. How many of the Southern or Midwestern Red States are going to ratify that?

    The NRA is using you to make money for gun manufacturers just like the rest of rich use you by keeping you scared that guns will be taken, that somehow you’ll be affected by same-sex couples being married, or that everyone having health coverage like the rich is really bad. Their agenda is not to protect the rights of the huddled masses but instead to make money off of the huddled masses fear.

    PC out. theprogressivecop.com

    • The Progressive Cop
      March 2, 2012

      “ratify a repeal” not “ratify an appeal.” Damned autocorrect! PC.

    • PandoraK
      March 2, 2012

      if there were a like button I’d hit it 10 times.

    • Liberalsareclinicallyinsane
      March 7, 2012

      Lies, lies, lies, what else would you expect from an “order follower”, “just doing my job”, government henchman?!

      Nothing stops pigs from continuing to “do their job”!

      A “law enforcer” who hates gun rights for the little people, how original!

      Get a rectal decraniotomy, goon!

      • karensc
        November 17, 2012

        You are an idiot. I hope you need the protection of the police at some point in your life and I hope they refuse to help you. You have obviously had a lobotomy and your brain has been removed because you are STUPID!

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