Indisputable Facts The Republicans Don’t Want You To Know

Listening to Fox Noise and the Republican presidential candidates, America is slowly slipping down the drain: the economy is in worse shape than ever; unemployment is higher than ever; America is more dependent on foreign oil now than before Obama became President. All are lies that non-partisan groups can dispute with facts.

When President Obama took office, the economy was in free-fall after years of failed Bush economic policies and deregulation of the financial industry. Unemployment was 7.8%; in less than 6 months later, unemployment hit 9%. As of yesterday, the unemployment rate was 8.3% according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. February was the third month in a row that the unemployment rate went down. Republicans want you to believe the rate is dropping because unemployed people are giving up on looking for jobs. But in the meantime, the New York Times and other outlets are reporting that the economy has been averaging 150,000 new jobs per month for the better part of the last year.

The Republicans point to the rising price of gas at the pump as being indicative of President Obama’s efforts to regulate oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and in the pristine wilderness of Alaska. In fact, America today has more oil supplies than it needs. Market forces have driven up the price of gas, not wussy-liberal-tree-hugging socialist policies. Would the party committed to serving the 1% and protecting free market like the President to somehow manipulate oil and gasoline markets.

Just today, the government released this chart that clearly shows that America is actually importing LESS oil now that we did when under President Bush. America is in fact, less dependent on Middle East oil now than ever before in its history. The oil industry in the United States has so much petroleum available these days, that America is now exporting petroleum to other countries.

You might want to remind your Republican friends and neighbors who are buying the misinformation they are getting from Fox Noise and Republican politicians, that the facts suggest that America is clearly on the road to recovery. Fortunately, many of us choose to get our news and information from reliable sources with no hidden financial or political agendas. And unlike them, some of us love our country more that we dislike any particular politician enough to lie about his or her record.