Peaceful Protesters Opposed To Virginia GOP’s War On Women Get Surrounded By Riot Police And Dragged Away (VIDEO)


Photo Courtesy Of KindnessGirl

On Saturday, a group of protesters gathered at the Virginia state capitol to protest the Republican war on women, which hit a climax last week when the state GOP faced a firestorm of criticism over the transvaginal ultrasound bill. Though the language has been toned down, the bill is still seen as a violation of women’s rights and privacy.

But instead of being allowed to peacefully protest, riot police moved in, surrounded the group and dragged them away under gunpoint. Here’s the shocking footage.

This is just a jaw dropping response to protesters fighting for women’s rights, and it is despicable that Governor Bob McDonnell and the Republican Party allowed it to happen. If this group had been an anti-abortion group, there wouldn’t have been any harassment by police whatsoever. But since the protesters are pro-women’s rights, they had to be silenced by the anti-women GOP.