Bachmann Shocked That GOP Women Are Not Treated Equally

Former GOP Presidential candidate Congresswoman Michele Bachmann claims the media and social outrage over Limbaugh’s 3 day long tirade towards college student, Sandra Fluke, for exercising her right to speak as a concerned citizen in US Congress, is not equal to the outrage when GOP women were called names by other men.

I wonder why that is? Why there was not an outrage and a media firestorm at this scale over GOP women getting insulted?

Remember Sarah Palin starting to charge rape victims for medical exams, evidence-gathering tests and rape kits after she became the Governor of Alaska? Remember Fox News so-called pundit Liz Trotta saying female veterans should expect to be raped after a newly released Pentagon report showed an alarming increase in violent sex crimes in the military? How about the countless GOP congresswomen who sponsor, approve and push “Personhood Bills” in every State where in most cases an unnecessary, expensive and painful vaginal probe ultrasound requirement is deliberately added to these bills and where a woman’s life and dignity comes after her eggs?

Do you remember the Republican women senators who voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act that gives women –and all workers- the protection they need from workplace retaliation and discrimination?  Do you remember the former Kansas Sen. Kay O’Connor saying she did not approve of the 19th Amendment, because giving women the right to vote was a symptom of weakness in the U.S. family?

The list of GOP women who worked tirelessly against women’s rights, empowerment and equality is a wide and long one. GOP women are the first to judge, shame and degrade other women! That is exactly why nobody stood up for them! Because you never stood up for other women!

Meanwhile, although Rush offered a half-hearted apology after massive pressure from his sponsors, he never acknowledged or corrected the misinformation and lies he spewed and continues to churn out about the birth control mandate.  Let me clarify it briefly for those who still seem to be confused desperately about this mandate:

•             All Churches are exempt, as in not forced to cover any contraception.

•             Insurance will offer the needed contraception at no extra charge and separately to whom would like or need to use it, not through religiously affiliated institutions. The mandate is imposed on the insurance companies not on the institutions. Many insurance companies have been covering ED care, prostate care, many other male related healthcare and medicine for years. The mandate is to provide equality in access to healthcare and eliminate the discrimination by the insurance companies to offer care and coverage based on one’s gender.

•             From Mike Huckabee to Romney and many other Republicans from Arizona to Arkansas have enacted similar policies in their States mandating all institutions to cover contraceptives -yes including religiously affiliated ones.

•             No one’s insurance will go up as a result of this coverage. Insurance premiums did not go up when Lipitor, a cholesterol medicine, was included in the coverage.  Of course we can argue that cholesterol levels can be elevated by life style choices such as unhealthy eating habits –as Limbaugh foolishly and ignorantly said he does not want to pay for others life style.

•             Birth control pills and other form of contraception are used for many other health problems not only for prevention of pregnancy.

Your insurance covers many health issues and medication for others that you will never need or use. This is how insurance works. But once that company decides to offer different coverage based on gender -even though you pay the exact same premium as others- that is called discrimination. This issue was never about Religious Freedom as the GOP is trying so hard to turn it into while alienating many independent and women voters; but is solely about equal access to healthcare.  Health insurance companies could never discriminate by saying they would offer no coverage for race or age related illnesses, so they should stop the practice of less or no coverage of gender related health problems for women.

As of today 26 sponsors have dropped their affiliation with Limbaugh’s show.  Most stated that they based their decision on the feedback they received from American public. This is exactly how that famous free market Limbaugh often fondly refers to works.  American people want civility and professional conduct from media. And yes, although many GOP women do not give a damn about other women, we also want insults to stop against them.

Stop degrading, shaming and attacking women! Not only with your words but with your deeds as well! Stop trying to pass laws that degrade and shame women! Stop the advertisements that degrade and shame women! Stop the sex discrimination in the work place! Stop justifying the rape and violence against women! Stop trying to block women’s access to justice!  Stop paying women less for the same job! Stop sex trafficking, buying and selling girls! Just stop!

We are your wives, partners, daughters, co-workers and friends.  We are people.  And Mrs. Bachmann, you are one too. Show some humanity and solidarity for your gender!