BREAKING: TSA Nude Body Scanners Rendered Worthless By Blogger (VIDEO)

In the rush to provide the illusion of safety, the TSA has “beefed up” security at airports  by banning drinks and removing shoes. They introduced “enhanced pat downs” which, by any rational standards, would be considered legislated molestation. They spent a billion dollars of tax payer dollars to deploy a system that is so untested and odious that Israeli airport security, at once both the highest risk for terrorist attacks and the among the safest in the world, refuses to use it.

That system, of course, is the nude body scanner. Supposedly the next generation in safety, it has been widely criticized as, at best, a massive invasion of privacy and, at worst, a very expensive boondoggle.

It appears the boondoggle theory has panned out. Jonathan Corbett of TSA Out Of Our Pants has posted a video purporting to show him defeating airport security not once, but twice by walking a metal object through the scanners. Worse, he explains how easy is it to do and why it works.  

If it was not clear before that airport “security” is designed to make you feel secure while doing very little to actually increase your security, this should dispel any doubts. The nude body scanners are less effective than “old-fashioned” metal detectors and are simply a bright and shiny toy to distract the public from the gaping holes in airport security.


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