Dating Site For Adulterers Wants To Buy All Available Limbaugh Ad Space (VIDEO)

Ashley Madison is a website that pairs wannabe adulterers. Is there a more perfect sponsor for the man who has been married four times, a man who has “so much sex” that he was detained for having illegally obtained Viagra?

Since calling Sandra Fluke, a women’s rights activist, a “slut” and a “prostitute” for testifying in front of Congress on behalf of women who take birth control for health reasons as well as for contraceptive reasons, Limbaugh has felt a backlash like never before. At current count, over 40 advertisers have jumped ship from his show, despite his anything-but-heartfelt apology in which he blamed liberals for his actions.

With so many open ad spaces, you’d think that bargains would be abound and a clever entrepreneur could jump right in. You’d be thinking right. The clever entrepreneur is Noel Biderman, the CEO of Ashley Madison. From a Wednesday morning interview with CNN’s Soledad O’Brien:

“We’re totally willing to step into the void left by other advertisers,” Biderman said, pointing out that Limbaugh has 10 million listeners. “If it costs two or three million dollars, happy to pony up.”

O’Brien then asked why Ashley Madison wanted to pair up with Limbaugh as an advertising partner, considering everyone else is fleeing from him.

“Listen, blue and red states, people cheat in both of them,” Biderman said. “Republican, democrat, men, women — everybody is prone to having an affair. So the bottom line is, my audience sits with his audience and I’m happy to advertise to them.”

“But you’ve been turned down before by that show,” O’Brien said. “You’ve been turned down on moral grounds. Is there any indication that they’re going to take you up on your offer, even with the 20 or so odd advertisers who are leaving?”

“You know, he’s in business, just as I am,” Biderman explained. “Being in business, he needs to operate and I’m there to support that business operation if he wants those dollars.”

When asked his opinion on the Fluke controversy, Biderman said he might side with Fluke but that he supports Limbaugh’s right to say what he wants.

Video here:

In my opinion, only an act of desperation would tempt Limbaugh’s show to take the offer. Ironic as it might be, he speaks for those who fancy themselves the “family values” party. The largest segment of his demographic is 65+. I don’t know how well Grandpa and particularly Grandma will take to his biggest sponsor being a website geared toward adulterers. Ashley Madison does advertise on Sean Hannity and Howard Stern.

Limbaugh himself is still trying to brush off the unraveling as no big deal. “None of what’s happening is out of the ordinary,” Limbaugh said. “It’s just part of an onslaught to try to convince you that this show’s history and our days are numbered. And I’m happy to tell you nothing could be further from the truth.”


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