The Breitbart Bombshell! Obama Once Hung Out With Other Black People!

Shocking, I know! Also, Obama once protested racial inequality! In America! What nerve! If this is the bombshell that Andrew Breitbart was hyping before his untimely death, it’s as empty and pointless as his life was. The video, released by in advance of the unveil shows a young Barack Obama introducing one Professor Derrick Bell. Get used to that name, you’re going to be hearing it for the next six months incessantly.

Who is Professor Bell? According to BuzzFeed:

Bell was the first black tenured professor at the school, and a pioneer of “critical race theory,” which insisted, controversially, on reading issues of race and power into legal scholarship. His protest that spring was occasioned by Harvard’s denial of tenure to a black woman professor, Regina Austin, at a time when only three of the law school’s professors were black and only five women. He told Harvard he would take a leave of absence — a kind of academic strike — “until a woman of color is offered and accepted a tenured position on this faculty,” and he launched a hunger strike to dramatize his point.

Sounds simply awful! Bell’s passion for CRT is, at its essence, an assault on white privilege in the law. The legalese is more nuanced (and therefore, over my head) than that but for the layman’s (normal people) purposes it’ll do. You can imagine, however, that a black man pushing for racial equality is tantamount to treason to the GOP.

According to Breitbart’s site, there’s “more” of the video to be released but the air has been mostly let out of the balloon, so to speak. With the release of an unedited version of the video, it will be impossible for BigGovernment to selectively edit it as they have done repeatedly in the past (ACORN, Shirley Sherrod, Planned Parenthood, etc.). BG is quite upset about this as they have launched an attack on the credibility of BuzzFeed. How an unedited version of a video is preferable to an edited one is not clear.

Here’s the damning video:

A few things about the hurricane of spin about to launch from Fox. First, as they try to convince America that the protest rally that Obama was speaking at was the next coming of the Black Panthers, it’s important to notice that the crowd is white. Really white. Not “hippy white,” either. Harvard Law School white. So there’s that.

Second, at this point in time, Obama was already President of the Harvard Law Review. Something they don’t hand out willy nilly. With that kind of stature on the campus, and as a black man, it would have been exceedingly odd had he come down on the side against diversity.

And that brings us to the third point. The protest was about increasing diversity among the Harvard faculty as there were not enough women or African-Americans. Remember that when you hear what a dangerous radical Bell was (he died in October of last year).

The final point, as seen on the Hannity show tonight, is that the video was buried by friends of then-Senator Obama. Considering how much the right attacked Obama over his association with Reverend Wright in a blatant plea to the racism of what they hoped would be a majority of American voters, I can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t want to advertise his connection to an uncompromising crusader against racism. It’s not like the right could possibly try to portray Bell as an angry black man out to get whitey. But even that accusation is shadowed in falsehood. The video was released in 2008, prior to the election and in full, by PBS. And guess what? No one cared.

Oops, too late. That’s exactly what they’re doing. BG is already calling Bell the “Reverend Wright of the academic world.” It doesn’t take a genius to see what the form of the attacks are going to take between now and November. Bell will be the crazed and angry black radical that wanted to destroy white America and Obama was his friend, his partner, his protege! They will air this repeatedly on Fox and talk radio, badgering the mainstream media into covering it while adding conspiracy theories about the death of Breitbart and what else are they covering up?

They will play video from Bell’s sci-fi HBO film “Space Traders” which was one of the most distinctive pieces of science fiction I have ever seen. Not because of its amazing special effects (they sucked) or its incredible acting (meh, except for Robert Guillaume who is awesome in everything he does. Soap, anyone?). I remember it so clearly after all these years (and I still can’t believe it’s suddenly relevant again!) because it deeply annoyed me because I couldn’t disagree with its premise that America would gladly sacrifice its black population for the promise of technological riches that would fix the woes of the nation. But to the right, it will be “anti-white propaganda” designed to stir up racial animosity. You know, because black people have it so good in America that they should just shut up and be content.

The sad part? Breitbart’s final Hail Mary will fall short of the goal line. We’re three years into the Obama presidency. The only people who think he secretly hates white people and is plotting our destruction are Birthers and other assorted stupid/crazy people. Everyone else, including moderate conservative and Independents know results when they see it. A steadily improving economy, winding down the war in Afghanistan, pulling out of Iraq, decreasing unemployment, all of these things with drown out this latest attempt at fear and hate-mongering.

You almost have to feel bad for the right that this is the best they can do.



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