Utah Senate Republicans Ban Teaching Of Contraception, Homosexuality, And Pre-Marital Sex

In February, the Republican dominated Utah House passed a GOP sponsored bill that severely limits what students learn in sex education classes. The bill was introduced by Republican Rep. Bill Wright and passed by the House in the middle of a contraception battle between conservatives and President Obama. The bill then went to the Senate.

On Wednesday, the Republican controlled Senate in Utah successfully pushed through HB 363, effectively banning sex education courses from covering the subjects of contraception, pre-marital sex, and homosexuality, forcing schools to only teach abstinence and heterosexuality or not have any sex education program.

This bill is a direct attack on women, homosexuals, and sex outside of marriage. Not only are Republicans discriminating against women and against students who are gay, they are forcing students to only learn the conservative doctrine regarding sexuality. It’s a doctrine that is completely influenced by religious right wing organizations and could well have been written by Christian fundamentalists.

This isn’t about what is appropriate for students to learn. This is about indoctrinating them to adopt an outdated and failed conservative concept. Only teaching abstinence simply does not work. And if you don’t believe me, just ask Bristol Palin. The fact is, children are curious. Especially teenagers. It is immoral and plain stupid to ignore the topics of contraception, pre-marital sex, and homosexuality. Teens are not just going to not have sex because their teacher or parents tell them not to. Teens don’t always do what adults tell them to do. That’s why it is important to teach about condoms and contraception and urge teens to protect themselves if they choose to have sex. It’s the intelligent thing to do, and prevents teen pregnancy which in turn, prevents abortions. Unfortunately, Republicans lack the critical thinking skills that would bring them to the same conclusions. Instead, they are too busy thinking about man on man sex and how to get more girls pregnant.

Speaking of homosexuality, Republicans act as if kids are stupid. Seeing as how LGBT issues are at the forefront of American politics and civil rights at the moment, it’s highly unlikely that kids don’t already know about it. And many kids are, in fact, gay. So why not address the topic in class so that students can be informed? All Republicans are doing is discriminating against kids who feel alone and ignored. It makes absolutely no sense to keep kids ignorant, but that’s exactly what Republicans want our kids to be.

The bill now goes to Governor Gary Herbert, a Republican, and although he hasn’t indicated his thoughts on the bill, he is expected to sign the bill into law.