Utah Republican Controlled Senate Passes Bill Extending Waiting Period To Get An Abortion To 72 Hours

Around the country, the most time a woman normally has to wait to get an abortion is 24 hours. But the Utah Senate has passed a bill that would triple that time.

During the last day of the legislative session on Friday, the Republican dominated Utah Senate passed House Bill 461 which forces women to wait 72 hours before getting an abortion. According to Fox 13 News in Salt Lake City, “the 3-day waiting period would become the longest in the nation. Supporters say it gives women time to learn more about abortion and reconsider their decision while opponents say it is an effort to shame women into reconsidering their decision to terminate a pregnancy.”

This newest bill isn’t the only anti-women bill to pass through the legislature this session. Utah Republicans recently slammed through a bill that would ban discussion of contraception in sex education courses.

So basically, young women will be barred from learning about contraception in Utah schools, and if they become pregnant because of the irresponsibility of the Utah GOP to make sure women are knowledgeable enough to protect themselves, they won’t be able to get an abortion for 72 hours, which leaves plenty of time for right wing anti-abortion extremists to shame and threaten the poor girl relentlessly. It’s just one big war against women and their ability to be intelligent, strong, and independent. So the end game for Republicans is to keep women ignorant, get them pregnant, shame them into carrying the pregnancy to term, and then force them to be dependent on a man. It’s the strategy of a bunch of sexist chauvinist pigs.