Chris Christie Refuses To Apologize To Navy SEAL He Insulted, Calls Him A Jerk

When Chris Christie called a Navy SEAL an “idiot” last week, it was just more evidence that Republicans don’t really have any respect for American soldiers. On Monday, after being given the opportunity to apologize for his childish behavior, Christie not only refused, he doubled down on his attack on former SEAL Bill Brown and called him a “jerk.”

“Just because he was a Navy SEAL doesn’t give him the right to be a jerk. It just doesn’t. I honor his service. I honor his service in Afghanistan. I honor his service in Iraq and to our military. But, it doesn’t give you the right when you come home from that service to be an idiot…He can cry his crocodile tears all he wants. He came in there to try to accomplish something. He didn’t accomplish it. And so that’s the way it goes.”

(M) Too often, stories of racism like this are missed by the national media. This page has almost 147,000 fans, I’m sure we can get this some national media attention.

That’s right, Governor. And just because the people of New Jersey elected you to your position, that doesn’t give you the right to be a pompous ass to everybody who challenges you. I think it’s hilarious that Chris Christie thinks he’s tough now because he talked down to a Navy SEAL. The fact is, Chris Christie never had the guts to defend this country in uniform like Mr. Brown did. Yet he brazenly supports Mitt Romney and the Republican quest to send American soldiers to Iran to fight and die in the name of religion. Navy SEALs train vigorously to earn their title. They don’t have to bully people like Christie does. These brave men go on dangerous mission after dangerous mission to defend America from those who would do us harm. All while Christie sits snug in an easy chair stuffing himself with twinkies, or bullying teachers, police officers and other fellow Americans. I really would love to see Christie call the members of SEAL Team Six a bunch of idiots. Just sayin’.