Republican Governor To Women Having A Forced Sonogram: ‘You Just Have To Close Your Eyes’ (VIDEO)

Apparently, to old, white, male Republicans, women are either idiots or unimportant. It’s hard to tell which they believe more strongly. Maybe it’s both. They certainly don’t seem to be concerned with keeping their votes. The latest old, white, male Republican to announce that he knows what’s best for a woman and her body is Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett as he defended the GOP’s anti-abortion “sonogram bill” by bizarrely insisting that no one was being forced to watch anything:

OK, then what’s the point? The health of the fetus (you know, the ACTUAL reason to have a sonogram) is not the issue here. The woman is looking to abort so the status of the fetus is irrelevant. Corbett gives the game away with his blithe statement; the real objective of all of these bills is to shame women seeking to take control of their bodies. No more, no less. By subjecting them to involuntary and unnecessary medical procedures, the GOP is stripping away a woman’s humanity and reducing her to an object to be legislated by old, white, male Republicans.

Gov. Corbett’s tiny concession to the sonogram not being intrusive is a lie as well since the bill will still mandate transvaginal probes by process of elimination. External sonograms cannot reliably locate a first trimester fetus and the law dictates that the fetus must be shown. Therefor, a TV probe is necessary. Government so small it can fit into your uterus.

But remember, ladies “you just have to close your eyes.” Rapists have been saying that since the dawn of time. Now we’ve made it legal in the United States. Huzzah.


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