The Doonesbury Comic Strip Republicans Don’t Want You To See: The Thursday Edition

All week long Addicting Info has been dedicated to putting Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury abortion comic strip segment on the map so that it can be seen and read by as many people as possible. Readers like you have helped by sharing each article that presents the new comic strip of the day. For that, we thank you, and hope you will continue to do so.

Women have come a long way since the founding of our country. Some men saw women as mere property that had to be submissive at all times. Women couldn’t vote. Women couldn’t have jobs either. At one point in our nation, women weren’t even allowed to get an education. But that began to change with the founding of the women’s rights movement which won greater equality, independence, and freedom for women. But women face a grave situation today. Conservatives want to roll back all of the rights women have worked so long and hard to gain, and it all starts with attacking contraception access and the right for a woman to choose to have an abortion.

As the Doonesbury comic strip so accurately portrays, Republicans basically want to be in the room when a woman goes to a clinic to have an abortion or to get contraceptives. This is a serious breach of privacy and individual liberty which are two things Republicans claim to protect. As part of this violation of privacy, Republicans are attempting to force women to undergo an uncomfortable and invasive transvaginal ultrasound which is the equivalent to state sanctioned rape. According to The Guardian,

“The strip deals specifically with a law introduced in Texas and other states requiring a woman who wants to have an abortion to have an ultrasound scan, or sonogram, which will show an image of the fetus and other details, in an attempt to make her reconsider.”

When we last left off on Wednesday, the brave woman seeking an abortion had just been called a slut by the Republican lawmaker and was in her doctor’s office being read the ridiculous procedure that she has to go through before she can actually get an abortion. In today’s Thursday edition, the state sanctioned rape commences. To view it along with the other strips from this week, scroll down.

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Thursday’s Doonesbury:

As you may already know, many newspapers are censoring this particular strip this week because they don’t understand the concept of the First Amendment, which is something they have in common with Republicans, who would prefer to ban Doonesbury entirely. So be sure to share this far and wide because it’s the best way to combat Republican censorship.