Women Take To Facebook To Fight Back On Transvaginal Probes (IMAGES)

Three states, Virginia, Texas and Iowa, have introduced bills that would force women to undergo an invasive transvaginal ultra-sound before having an abortion. Women are arguing that this sort of procedure is nothing short of state-sanctioned rape. Now, women are fighting back, with one of the most powerful weapons available to them, social networking. Women are taking over Facebook pages of the lawmakers who support the bills.

Jennie, an Addicting Info reader, sent me this about Texas Rep. Sid Miller (R),

Last Wednesday, Sid Miller lost control of his Facebook page. And folks, it’s bad. Yes, that’s Rep. TransVag of Doonesbury fame. He posted the cartoon, identified himself as the ‘arthur’ (his spelling) of Texas’s sonogram bill, and waited for his conservative friends to bolster his battered heart with uplifting messages. Instead, what he got was women from all over the country and all over the state posting their menstral status and asking his advice on gynecological problems they were having. He has since had to delete large sections of his Facebook page, but that has not deterred his detractors. One writer asks, “Im trying to determine a longer-term alternative to the pill. Sid, do you think an IUD like Mirena is better or perhaps the Ortho Evra patch? Sid knows so much about womens reproductive issues that I’m sure he can help…” while others comment with a simple, “Transvaginal Probe” or “Republican Rapist.” My favorite is one woman’s vagina update which described the “heavy amounts of blood and chunks of [her] uterine lining pouring out of [her].”

He deletes comments and bans users (such as yours truly), but still he cannot regain control of his Facebook page. As soon as he can delete, more comments pop up. And more angry women take screenshots (such as yours truly). The poor man can’t eat his dinner. But don’t feel too sorry for him, he did ask to be included in women’s health issues because he cares so much about women.

According to Jennie, Miller even threatened a woman with putting her on the no-fly list.

Although he is blocking many people, Jennie and I both managed to get some screenshots:

Note this particularly nasty exchange between a Miller supporter and Miller who cheers him on (as you’ll also note, the supporter, who claims to be a physician, repeatedly misspells the word “abortion.”):

Miller has been the subject of Doonesbury strips this week. Although the representation is anything but flattering, he is proud:

Miller isn’t the only Republican facing Facebook retribution. Virginia lawmaker, Ryan McDougle’s (R) page was also hacked. I wasn’t even able to view the comments, but the Daily Kos did.

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