Rhode Island Joins War Against Women, Bill Would Require Ultrasound Before Abortion

When we think of anti-abortion fanatics and anti-abortion legislation, we think of states like Georgia, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Kansas. We certainly don’t think of Rhode Island. But the smallest state in the union could soon force women to undergo an ultrasound before she can have an abortion. And when we think of the opponents of abortion, we usually picture white male Republicans. But this bill is sponsored by a female Democrat.

According to the Providence Journal, “doctors who perform abortions would be required to first do an ultrasound, display the images, and describe them to the pregnant woman — including the dimensions of the fetus and any ‘external members and internal organs if present and viewable.'” In other words, women would literally be forced to hear a description of the fetus, and if a woman is seeking an abortion early in the first trimester, she would have to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound in order for the doctor to view images of the small sized fetus, since it is not visible with a normal ultrasound.

Most surprisingly, the sponsor of the bill is female Democratic Rep. Karen L. MacBeth, who says that the bill is merely an informed consent bill designed to give information to women before they terminate their unwanted pregnancies.

To put it bluntly, MacBeth has turned traitor to her party and her gender by sponsoring such a bill. She has thrown her support to the war against women and seeks to force women to go through what amounts to state sanctioned rape in order to get an abortion. This bill, like every other anti-abortion bill, is a violation of privacy and personal liberty and is yet another example of government infringing on women’s lives. The Democratic Party of Rhode Island should be ashamed for even allowing this bill to be written. Instead of standing up for women’s rights, they are acting like the Republicans. Is this how Democrats in Rhode Island want to be seen? As just another party waging war against women? If Rhode Island Democrats are smart, they’ll expel MacBeth from the party and denounce her bill. That’s the only way they can regain any respect they have now lost because of the lunacy of one of their own.