The Catholic Church Says Obama Is Encouraging Sterilization Of Women After Church Sterilized Men To Cover Sex Abuses And To ‘Cure The Gay’

In today’s edition of Catholic crimes and hypocrisy and the victims in its wake, two deliciously synchronistic stories crossed today’s wire. First, the Church released a statement that the Obama administration was trying to force them to sterilize women. In the exact same morning as the church made that statement, it was revealed that the Catholic Church in the Netherlands systematically castrated young men during the 50s to keep them from revealing sexual abuses and to cure them from being gay.

First to the Obama sterilization scare:


The Catechism of the Catholic Church states in no uncertain terms that sterilization as contraception is an intrinsically evil act. So why is the President, alongside Kathleen Sebelius, a self-professed Catholic, insisting that the Church must now participate in this immoral activity? If there was any doubt that a battle royale is shaping up between the Obama administration and the Catholic Church, it should now be gone.

Yikes! That’s scary! How is that going to work? Are they going to send nuns with scalpels?

Of course not. Sterilization, or tubal ligation, is a common procedure for women who decide, for medical or personal reasons, not to have any more children. I say “any more children” because doctors rarely perform the procedure on women who don’t have children. They also rarely perform them on women under 30.

But, let’s not let a few facts get in the way of a good old fashioned scare (from the people who bring you exorcisms, ghosts, the eating of flesh and the drinking of blood).

What are the facts? The facts are that sterilization, whether through tubal ligation for women or vasectomies for men, are legitimate choices in reproductive rights. For some women, having children endangers lives. Other women have had all the children they desire. The medical community recognizes the permanence of sterilization and for that reason, most doctors hesitate before performing the procedure at all, just to make sure the woman is sure. Federal laws ask for a 30 day waiting period.

Regardless, sterilization has long been considered a valid choice in a woman’s right to control her own body. The Affordable Health Care Act is simply providing that as an option for women who choose not to have children. It will not be performed or even paid for by the Catholic Church. It will be part of a woman’s health insurance plan.

Now to the truly scary forced sterilizations that actually were performed by the Church, all to cover up their crimes or as part of a gay witch hunt. From the Daily Mail:

Dutch MPs will today call for an investigation into the case of young men under the age of 21 allegedly castrated in the 1950s by the Roman Catholic Church ‘to get rid of homosexuality.’

The government will come under pressure to probe what some claim is a cover-up of a scandal which saw boys’ testicles removed if they dared report abuse by the clergy.

Joep Dohmen, an investigative journalist who investigated the Heithuis case, says sources told him that the surgical removal of testicles was regarded as a treatment for homosexuality and also as a punishment for those who accused clergy of sexual abuse

Perhaps it’s time that the Catholic Church lay a little low, at least until they have time to clean out their own filthy glass houses.


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