Republican Congressman Tells Women At Equal Rights Rally To Support Democrats

The Republican Party is waging a total war against women and their rights. Conservatives across the country are pushing bills that require women to undergo both invasive and non-invasive ultrasounds before getting an abortion, bills that extend abortion waiting times, bills allowing employers to fire women for using contraception, and bills that require women to tell their employer what they use contraception for. GOP politicians have opposed women serving in the military, opposed equal pay for equal work, have stated that women should have to get permission from men to get an abortion, and have compared women to farm animals. Clearly, Republicans have a deep hatred of the rights of women and have fought for the last two years to take those rights away from them. But one Republican Representative has had enough and he is telling women to support Democrats if they want to protect their rights.

On Thursday during a rally in support of the Equal Rights Amendment, GOP Rep. Richard Hanna of New York told the women in attendance to throw their support to Democratic candidates if they want their rights protected.

“I think these are very precarious times for women, it seems. So many of your rights are under assault,” Hanna told the female dominated crowd, according to The Huffington Post. “I’ll tell you this: Contribute your money to people who speak out on your behalf, because the other side — my side — has a lot of it. And you need to send your own message. You need to remind people who you vote, you matter, and that they can’t succeed without your help. This is a dogfight, it’s a fistfight, and you have all the cards. I can only tell you to get out there and use them. Tell the other women, the other 51 percent of the population, to kick in a few of their bucks. Make it matter, get out there, get on TV, advertise, talk about this. The fact that you want [the ERA] is evidence that you deserve it and you need it.”

Most Republicans have tried to spin their war on women as something imagined by Democrats, but that’s not the case. The GOP is simply full of damn liars who want nothing more than to take a hatchet to women’s rights in the effort to make women subservient to men. To most Republicans, women shouldn’t have a say in anything, and Richard Hanna understands this. That’s why he is rebelling against his own party. And Hanna can’t exactly call himself a moderate either. He votes with his party 85% of the time, opposes the Affordable Care Act, and is a member of the Cato Institute and the NRA. So if an entrenched Republican is outraged at the GOP for the war on women, you know that the Republican Party has gone way too far.