House Republicans Vote Against Facebook Privacy

Author: March 28, 2012 11:09 am

In a continued effort to work against the American people, House Republicans blocked a measure 236-184 (that’s every single voting House Republican) that would have allowed the Federal Communications Committee to prevent employers from asking for and obtaining Facebook passwords from workers. Democrats introduced the legislation as part of a bill adding new restrictions on the FCC as it’s being reported that an increasing number of employers are demanding access to social media.

Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-Colo) argued “They have an expectation that their right to free speech or their right to free religion will be respected when they use these social media outlets.”

He added “If an employer wants to pose as or impersonate the individual who had to turn over their confidential password, that employer, I think, will be able to reach into personal, private information of the user, or of the person who’s communicating with them.”

Perlmutter also said “If you are a Facebook user, you should never have to share your password.”

The job market is slowly improving and this means more and more people will have to choose between releasing private, personal information in order to earn a living or shut down their social media accounts altogether. Even with an improving job market, employment opportunities are far and few between. Putting food on the table trumps playing on Facebook.

Where does this end? How long before we hand over a set of house keys to an employer so they can rummage through our belongings and barge in whenever they feel like it?

We have six more months before we can vote in a new House. Before you do, ask yourself  “What have the Republicans done to make your life better or easier?”

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  • ummmmmm…..i posted your pic and the first thing of course you know the repube trolls had to invade and the very first troll posted this….thanks guys…i just love it when the trolls prove me wrong with their teaganda….they seem to be right so many times that i might just have to unlibtard myself …..HAHAHA who am i kidding…id much rather be a misinformed libtard than a moralistic amoral tea bagger…but please dont do this to me again….

    Preston Tyree
    Congress Kills Facebook Password Bill

    Democrats in Congress are trying to force the FCC to crack down on employers that are demanding employee passwords. However, while a bill regulating such a practice was brought to the floor today, the Republicans in Congress would have none of it. Only one Republican voted for the bill, leaving the final tally at 236 against, 184 for. Not all hope is lost, as states are looking into regulating this on a local level.
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    Preston Tyree ‎…read that correctly, “Only ONE Republican voted for the bill…”
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    Rick Deckard Ouch? Nice catch.
    2 hours ago · Like
    Preston Tyree
    ‎…also, some clarification from Justin Amash…”IMPORTANT: Here’s the roll call for the motion to recommit (return to committee) with instructions H R 3309. The motion instructs the Committee on Energy and Commerce to amend the bill to prohibit employers from requiring employees to disclose their passwords to social networking sites. Contrary to some reports, this motion is NOT an amendment to protect your online privacy. This motion was NOT offered in committee or on the House floor as an amendment. It’s a procedural motion (describing a potential amendment) intended to block the bill. I voted “no.”

  • Ok. So what I am getting from this is, since we are the employers of all people elected to public offices, and potetial employers of those running for office, they will immediately make their passwords public, so that all their employers (we the taxpayers and voters) will be able to check into any information we “need” to know before or after electing them. Yeah, that sounds about right.

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