Kansas House Republicans Advance Bill That Legalizes Discrimination Of Homosexuals On Religious Grounds

Religious freedom has been used by Republicans as an excuse for many different kinds of bills. They’ve used it to justify bills limiting women’s access to contraception. They’ve used it in the effort to kill a woman’s right to choose. They’ve used it to allow employers to refuse to cover health treatments they don’t like. And they’ve used it to kill anti-bullying legislation. But now, Republicans in Kansas have passed a bill which will allow people to discriminate against homosexuals if they have a religious reason to do so.

That’s right, Republicans want to allow hate and bigotry to be legal and they are hiding behind the Holy Bible as their only defense. According to LGBTQ Nation, the Kansas Preservation of Religious Freedom Act “would prohibit state and local governments from substantially burdening a person’s religious beliefs unless the government can prove that the burden is advancing a compelling government interest and is the least restrictive way of advancing that interest.” The bill, sponsored by Republican Rep. Lance Kinzer, is seen as a response to a Lawrence, Kansas anti-discrimination policy that includes sexual orientation.

Not all Republicans are on board with the bill, however. Rep. Charlie Roth sees the bill as a threat. Roth called the bill “homophobic” and said that it will make Kansas look bad. “It sends the message that Kansas is not welcoming. Kansas will become known as the land of the pure as defined by the few.”

And Roth is exactly right. This bill will allow anti-gay bigots to basically bully homosexuals and get away with it by claiming a religious defense. The bill passed 89-27, so 89 hateful bigots in Kansas decided on behalf of the entire state to purify it by allowing the wanton bullying, discrimination, and harassment of homosexuals in the name of religious freedom. I wonder, can a bigot kill a homosexual and get away with it by claiming a religious defense? Considering Kansas has a similar ‘Stand Your Ground’ law like that of Florida, I wouldn’t be surprised if an anti-gay religious gun nut decided to try it.

This action by Kansas Republicans sounds an awful lot like Iran to me. You know, the Iran that allows discrimination and the killing of homosexuals in the name of religious freedom. Or how about Hitler? Hitler used religion to enact church doctrine as law. Part of this new law included a war on homosexuals. How’s that for “religious freedom?” Coincidentally, I’m sure (sarcasm), Hitler was a Catholic and was close with Pope Pius XII, and it just so happens that one of the sponsors of this bill is the Kansas Catholic Conference. Gee, small world. Just sayin’.

The fact is, religious freedom is being abused by the Republican Party and it’s a dangerous slope towards tyranny. They are using the guise of religious liberty to allow hate, bigotry, sexism, bullying, war, and racism to thrive in a society that is supposed to be governed by the Constitution and NOT the Bible. We are supposed to live in a society where all people are equal under the law and are entitled to the same rights. But Republicans are giving Christian religious organizations a say in governing and that is something the Constitution forbids. Religion and government are supposed to remain separate to prevent the exact kind of governing Republicans are currently employing. They are literally passing bills that are being pushed by religious extremists who care nothing about the religious concepts of love, peace, and giving. They only care about using the Bible to advance an evil agenda meant to scare people and indoctrinate them into their flock of ignorant and easily manipulated followers. And just so you know how close the Kansas government is with religion, “before advancing the Kansas Preservation of Freedom Act, the House gave preliminary approval to putting a chapel for prayer and meditation in the Statehouse.” That’s not separation of church and state. That’s literally putting church IN state.