Scott Walker Recall Date Set

Mark your calenders! June 5 will either be the day that Wisconsin stands up and shows the GOP that their corporate agenda is not welcome or the day that we find out that corporations  can buy any election if they just pump enough money in.

Reuters reports:

The five-member Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, which manages elections, voted unanimously on Friday to formally certify more than 900,000 signatures calling for Walker’s ouster, setting in motion the recall election.

The amount of signatures needed was 540,208 and the number turned in was slightly over one million. For some perspective, it’s important to note that Walker won the 2010 election with 1,128,941 votes. This does not bode well for Walker unless the recall petition drive managed to get signatures from every person that voted against Walker the first time. More likely, Walkers’ pro-corporate, anti-everybody else agenda since taking office has angered more than just the Democratic voters, he’s also turned off the moderate conservatives and Independent voters. He’s certainly angered the unions. All of them.

Currently, no one has been picked to run against Walker and the Democrats will wait as long as possible to announce their candidate. That will give Walker and his SuperPAC money less time to assassinate the character of whoever eventually goes on the ticket. A wise move considering Walker has raised over $12 million and Koch funded “grassroots” organizations will be spending quite freely in the coming months.

If Walker wins despite his stunning unpopularity, it will be open season for every other Republican controlled legislature to forge ahead with whatever laws they want to force through. If Walker can hold on to office with the help of hidden donors and massive corporate spending, we will have taken the a large step down the path of losing our democracy to our new corporate overlords.