The Koch Brothers And The Theft of The American Dream

We are in the battle of our lives. And we are in danger of losing. The enemy is men in Brooks Brothers suits.

The 2000 election was the first battle and they won. The Supreme Court of the United States installed a president in the White House. And we let them do it. Al Gore let them do it. At the time, Gore decided that election had cost the country enough, particularly in the aftermath of the vicious attacks on the presidency during the Clinton years by those on the right who were frothing at the mouth to get started on their agenda, neatly outlined in the Project For A New American Century. Mr. Gore took a cue from Richard Nixon who, in an incredibly close election that Nixon might actually have won, decided not to contest the Kennedy win. It was the act of a man who put country above politics and above himself. I never thought I’d have a good word to say about Nixon but there it is. And by the way, when it all shook out. Al Gore won Florida by 60 votes.

Then came the Citizens United decision, giving corporations the status of personhood, thus allowing unfettered and untraceable amounts of money to flow into and direct American politics. Our Supreme Court once again demonstrated that it was no longer the impartial arm of government it was designed to be but rather the very thing Republicans accused Democrats of trying to form—an activist court.

And now that court is deciding the fate of the Affordable Care Act. The decision won’t be handed down until June and I pray to God the Court will surprise me but I don’t think that will happen. How can it when Justice Clarence Thomas is sitting on the bench? Why has this man not recused himself? Why hasn’t it been demanded that he withdraw from this decision? His wife formed a Tea Party Movement for the express reason of defeating “Obamacare”, has taken money from organizations dedicated to that cause and we expect her husband to make a fair and impartial decision? But it isn’t just him, it’s all of the right-wing men sitting on the Court and it’s a flight of fantasy to think they will hand Obama a win in an election year. They are serving their masters and the masters aren’t the American people.

There has been a systematic effort to suppress voting rights and it’s working. In Florida, new laws have made voter registration fraught with problems. So much so that the League of Women Voters and Rock the Vote will not be doing voter registration in that state. The new rules require that all new registrations must be delivered to the registrar within 48 hours or fines of up to $50 per newly registered voter can be imposed. Since the enactment of the law more than 81,000 fewer people have registered to vote in the state than in the same time period leading up to the 2008 election. But Florida is far from the only state that has passed or is considering laws to limit voting rights. It is no surprise that those targeted are the poor, the elderly, young people and minorities, for those are typically Democratic voters.

And that brings me back to those men in Brooks Brothers suits:  the Koch Brothers and the Uber-Rich they’ve assembled to take down the president and ultimately destroy the American middle class. They are the puppet masters who use the likes of Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and the buffoons posing as newscasters on Fox. They have been manipulating “facts” and now, due to all the disinformation and outright terror they have caused, they are in charge. The Koch funded American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) votes on and produces boilerplate legislation that is then picked up by Republicans in state legislatures and introduced as bills. Some of these have been the recent ultrasound bills, voter ID laws and anti-union legislation.

These traitors to the American Dream have spread their tentacles throughout our government. They have caused the American people to turn against each other. They have caused people to question whether our president is an American citizen. They have even made people on the left angry that our president didn’t come equipped with a magic wand to fix the nearly insurmountable problems dumped in his lap and that anger translated to apathy on the left in the 2010 elections. That, in turn, tipped the balance of power in Congress.

They’ve got Congress, they’ve got the Supreme Court —the only branch of government they don’t have is the presidency and they are intent on getting that crowning jewel. And they just might do it.

Are you going to let them?


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