Illinois House Moves Anti-Abortion Bill Through Agriculture Committee

Rather than debate an anti-abortion measure in a committee specializing in health and human services, a Democrat in Illinois moved the bill through the House Agriculture Committee. You know, the committee that deals with livestock such as cattle.

State Rep. Joseph Lyons dares to call himself a Democrat but he is nothing of the sort. After moving his bill known as HB 4085 through the Agriculture Committee, it came up for debate in front of the entire House, where Lyons then changed his mind about seeking a vote. According to The Quad-City Times, HB 4085 requires “that women about to undergo an abortion be asked if they want to see an image of the fetus.” While Illinois doesn’t force women to have an ultrasound before having an abortion, Lyons thinks doctors should make their choice more burdensome by forcing doctors ask women the question and then report to the state how many women declined.

Lyons says that women will hear a voice in their head telling them not to go through with the procedure, but opponents claim that the bill inserts government in a place where it doesn’t belong. A woman’s uterus.

Outraged women in the House moved to kill the bill by offering amendments “requiring men to watch a video on the potentially painful side effects of Viagra or similar medications before they could get a prescription. Another would have required the ultrasound offer not only before abortions but also before a host of other operations, from heart surgery to ligament repairs.” The amendments failed by a large margin. Women were also outraged about being likened to common livestock because of the fact that the bill came to the House floor from the Agriculture Committee.

“For a piece of legislation involving women’s health to be heard in the Agriculture Committee is profoundly insulting,” Democratic Rep. Kelly Cassidy of Chicago declared.

And I agree with her. It is insulting. Like Georgia, some men in the Illinois House are treating women like cattle being bred to replenish the herd. It’s despicable to say the least. But opponents are correct when they say the bill is an attempt to involve government in decisions that should be made by women and their doctors. Like other anti-abortion bills in other states, it violates the doctor/patient relationship, privacy, personal liberty, and interferes with the health decisions of women. These bills treat women as if they are equal to farm animals and the property of men. Last time I checked, women are human beings who are capable of thinking for themselves and making their own decisions, especially about their own bodies, of which most men are still incapable of comprehending themselves. I’m certain that most conservative men cringe upon hearing the word “uterus.” It reminds them that women are actual people who eat, drink, think, break wind, and go to the bathroom like other humans instead of sexual play things to be controlled. But this time it’s a “Democrat” who offered this bill and he plans to bring it to a vote when he has allies with him. He should be thrown out of his party just for thinking of writing an anti-abortion bill. He’s not a real Democrat. Just a mere poser who must be tossed from the ranks. Because the last thing Democrats need is to be compared to the woman hating conservatives.