Fox’s Heather Childers Suggests Obama Campaign Threatens Murder

The Fox News network and those who represent it have gone too far. For a while it was comical. Then it became frustrating but the recent suggestion by one of its anchors that Obama and his campaign are capable of murder has shown us very clearly that Fox News is a dangerous network, inciting violence with it’s bold and outright lies. The is a network defending a man who murdered a teen and now promotes our president as a possible murderer.

Heather Childers, anchor for the Fox News program America’s News Headquarters and co-host of Fox and Friends First, tweeted: “Thoughts? Did Obama Campaign Threaten Chelsea Clinton’s Life To Keep Parents Silent.” Childers included a link to a blog post  suggesting the Obama campaign threatened murder to individuals to keep them quiet about Obama’s eligibility. It was one of several tweets implying conspiracy theory on behalf of the Obama camp.

In a statement to Mediate, Fox senior VP Michael Clemente said: “Tweets have been addressed with Heather and she understands this was a mistake.”

Childers replied to the backlash in a tweet saying “Here’s the thing folks…that ONE topic sure got alot of you tweeting. Why? I apologize if the article offended anyone. Very interesting.” The tweet illustrates that she is not at all sorry and continues to push her violent message with snark and sarcasm.

Her Twitter account is set to private. Not surprising, considering this vile woman chooses to spread hate and lies, knowing the loyal Fox followers will believe any nonsense they are told because we have a black president and the racists just can’t deal with it.

I encourage you to send a Tweet to Heather and let her know in a productive way, that what she’s doing is not only wrong, it’s dangerous and irresponsible. As a journalist, she should be taken off the air. Her handle is @HeatherChilders.

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