Democracy Begins Its Death In Michigan – Rachel Maddow’s Exposé (VIDEO)

We are witnessing a near silent coup. On Thursday’s Rachel Maddow Show, she profiled the State of Michigan. The state’s Governor, Rick Snyder, has dismantled democracy.

Snyder was elected in 2010 and it started almost immediately. One of his first actions as governor of the financially hard-hit state was to essentially declare martial law by taking away all local government control from poor cities, having them run by a non-elected manager instead.

Michigan is one of several Republican run states that is severely restricting voter rights. They are trying to strip unions of bargaining rights.

Michigan’s constitution allows for a long time between the passage of a bill and its implementation, 90 days from the end of the legislative session. The reason is twofold. It gives people and businesses who would be affected by the law a chance to make any necessary adjustments. It also allows time to appeal the law. The constitution also allows for emergency situations, allowing the law to have immediate effect. However, for a law to have immediate effect, it requires a 2/3rds vote in the Legislature.

Republicans do not have a 2/3rds majority, but nonetheless, they have passed over 500 bills under “immediate effect.” How does that work? As Maddow shows, they aren’t even counting the votes. That’s right; Democrats’ votes are not even being counted.

The Democrats sued and won, at least for now, and it will put every piece of legislation passed by the GOP into legal question.

Here’s the video:

Michigan might be the first state to take such draconian and anti-democratic measures, but if it works, they won’t be the last. Can you imagine if these tactics were taken on a federal level? Can you imagine if the Federal Government simply decided one day that they wanted to take over a state? No. I’m not talking about the “big government” Democrats. I’m talking about “small government” Republicans.


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