Santorum’s Daughter In Hospital – Candidate Takes Time Away From Campaigning To Be With Her

Rick Santorum’s three-year-old daughter, Bella, has a rare and usually fatal disease called Trisomy 18. Bella has been admitted to the hospital, and appropriately, Santorum has cancelled campaign appearances to be with his daughter.

In a statement, his campaign said, “Senator Santorum will not hold any campaign related events on Monday so he and Karen can remain in the hospital with their daughter Bella.”

Many Republicans, I’m sure, are secretly hoping that Santorum takes this opportunity to quietly drop out of the race. It is a near mathematical impossibility that Santorum will win the nomination, and his presence is proving contentious for the front runner, Mitt Romney. His support, even among his evangelical base, is beginning to fade.

For now, Santorum is putting his family first. He wouldn’t be the first politician cite family as the reason for leaving the political scene. Unlike most politicians, Santorum might actually mean it.

May Bella recover soon to lead a long and healthy life.

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