‘How Conservatives Think.’ This Video Needs To Go Viral (VIDEO)

Adam Strange (no relation to Dr. Strange) put together this short video describing the fundamental difference between the conservative world view and the liberal world view. It’s another take on the Authoritarians and puts the actions of the right into perspective. Essentially, conservatives NEED winners and losers in order for the world to make sense. It doesn’t matter if they happen to be the losers and if the winners got to the top through immoral, illegal or just downright inhumane means, as long as a hierarchy is preserved. Liberals desire equality of opportunity (as opposed to equality of result which would be Communism, something only people looking for excuses to complain about liberals think we stand for).

Add that to the Steak Rule, “Conservatives cannot enjoy a steak unless they know that, somewhere, someone else can’t have a steak of their own” and you can understand the majority of conservative social and economic policies.

Help it go viral by spreading the word. Don’t just fight the symptoms, fight the cause of right wing extremism! 

If you’re unfamiliar with the woman laying on the floor while the police step over her, her name was Anna Brown and she was left to die on the floor from am easily treatable condition. The hospital had her dragged away by the police because she was black and poor. Proof that not only do hospitals not always provide emergency care if they think they won’t get paid (they didn’t run a single test on her) but that there are death panels. Not the paranoid delusional ones of the right, but the very real ones brought about by the profit motive of our current system.

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