Michigan Road Sign Hacked To Call Trayvon Martin A N***er (VIDEO)

Since the news broke that an unarmed African-American teenager was gunned down in Sanford, Florida by a half Hispanic assailant, George Zimmerman, overt and blatant racism has gone almost unchecked by the right-wing media. For some reason, while the left is only asking for a standard investigation, something that was ignored on the night of the shooting, the right, who call themselves “law and order,” have chosen an allegiance with the shooter, implying that he’s a hero whose only crime was to rid the neighborhood of someone who would surely grow up to be a menace to society. It’s not racist, they say. They simply are telling us about the real Trayvon Martin, who, in their minds was anything but a victim in his own brutal death.

There is no racism, they say, not from the right. In their minds, this isn’t racist; nor is this, or this or this. I have no doubt that somewhere on the right, they will find a reason that the fact that someone hacked a road sign in Michigan to read “TRAYVON A NIGGER” is not racist.


Michigan authorities on Monday launched an investigation after a racial slur targeting Trayvon Martin was discovered on an electronic construction sign along a Detroit-area interstate.

Michigan State Police told NBC News affiliate WDIV-TV that someone hacked the road sign along I-94 around 1 a.m. Monday and posted “TRAYVON A N*****.”

Here’s the video:

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No, calling Trayvon, who from all appearances was a pretty normal 17-year-old kid, a thug and the ‘n’ word isn’t racist, at least for those on the right, but daring to talk about race in a heartfelt way is. Then again, focusing on the race issue is exactly what the right wants, since it takes away from the real issue, a draconian law that allows people to shoot first and ask questions never.


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