Nikki Haley Denies There Is A War On Women, Again, Says ‘Women Are Doing Well’ (VIDEO)

Other than his wife Ann, Nikki Haley is the supporter that Mitt Romney uses to claim that the war on women is fiction and that women have never had it better in America. During a Monday night interview with Bill O’ Reilly on Fox News, Nikki Haley doubled down on her claim that there isn’t a war on women. She claimed that President Obama manufactured the war on women to distract voters. Haley also made another claim: that women are doing well.

“This is a president that is trying to create distractions,” Haley said. “There is no war on women. Women are doing well.”

Here’s the video via ThinkProgress:

This claim comes on the heels of Haley claiming that “women don’t care about contraception,” a claim for which she and the Romney campaign have taken a lot of heat. Mitt Romney himself has tried to prove that he cares about women by saying that his “real views” will surface during the general election and saying that his wife reports to him about women all the time. Romney still isn’t helping himself. Women are abandoning him along with the Republican Party, in droves. President Obama has a 19 point lead over Romney among women, according to a new Washington Post/ABC News Poll. In other words, women aren’t fooled. They know damn well that there is a war on women.

As for Nikki Haley’s assertion that “women are doing well,” that’s also false. ThinkProgress reports:

“Women accounted for the entire drop in labor force participation during the recession, and 88 percent of jobs created since the end of the recession went to men. In Haley’s state of South Carolina, women are paid just 76 cents for every dollar a man makes, and own just 28 percent of businesses, despite making up slightly more than half of the state’s population. As with the nation as a whole, women also face higher poverty rates in the state, with 19 percent below the poverty line, compared to 15 percent of men.”

These statistics are just what Republicans have done to women on an economic level. If you include the fact that Republicans in states across the country have proposed over a thousand pieces of legislation designed to destroy the reproductive rights of women, it is clear that women are not only doing badly in a tough economy, they also face assaults on their health. Republicans have made efforts to eliminate Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides services such as cancer screenings and contraception to millions of low-income women. Republicans are also trying to give employers the right to dictate how women plan their families and how they run their private sex lives. But that’s not all. Republicans are also trying to pass laws that force women to undergo state sanctioned rape through transvaginal ultrasounds. Republicans are even trying to give themselves and others access to the private medical records of women who seek contraception and abortion. Republicans have compared women to cattle and have made it clear that they want women to be subservient to men. It’s outrageous and women know it. That’s why they are flocking to the Democrats in numbers that are making the Republican Party panic. Women aren’t stupid. They will remember in November and punish the Republicans for waging a war against women’s rights. In November, women will declare their own Independence Day, much to the chagrin of Republican men.