Another Highly Influential Republican Publicly Treats A Woman Like Something He Accidentally Stepped In (VIDEO)

It’s almost getting tedious. Here’s the scenario: a very high-profile Republican is asked a question by a female constituent. He gives his non-answer and when pressed for a better answer, he becomes condescending and contemptuous. Yeah, I know. We’ve heard that story before. How about this? They’re both from a southern state. Not specific enough? Okay the politician was a former ALEC chair (you know, the organization that drafts pretty much every piece [of women-hating, gay-hating, science-hating, African-American-boys-wearing-hoods-hating] GOP legislation), current ALEC board member and he’s the current Speaker of Virginia’s House of Delegates.

His name is William Howell and the woman was Anna Scholl, who is the executive director of ProgressVA. The organization reported on the amount of money that the Virginia House is spending to send legislators to ALEC conferences and meetings, presumably to take their marching orders. The amount over the last decade was $232,000, according to the report.

Scholl confronted Howell with the findings and he told her it was “full of half-truths or un-truths.” He then said that there was more money spent on bipartisan events.

She asked him how that made the report inaccurate. Howell then said, “I guess I’m not speaking in little enough words for you to understand.”

She responded (as someone “ooh”ed in the background), “I’m a smart girl, actually I went to the University of Virginia. I benefitted from public education in Virginia. I think words with multiple syllables will be just fine.”

Here’s the video:

Or to sum it up in the way Howell might have, he put that uppity woman in her place. Bravo, Mr. Howell. You’ve convinced me there’s no war on women.

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