Arizona Governor Signs Bill Banning Abortion After 18 Weeks, Defines Pregnancy As Beginning Two Weeks Before Conception

Earlier this month, the Republican dominated Arizona legislature pushed through the toughest anti-women and anti-abortion bill in the nation. On Thursday, Republican Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed that bill into law.

The bill, known as HB 2036, effectively bans abortion after 18 weeks while at the same time declaring that pregnancy begins two whole weeks before actual conception. Just so we’re clear, Arizona Republicans are claiming that pregnancy begins two weeks BEFORE a woman has sex. It does this because according to the Guttmacher Institute’s Elizabeth Nash, Republicans “are trying move the gestational cutoff from what had been over the last two years a 20-week gestational cutoff to an 18-week gestational cutoff. At the same time, they are trying to say, ‘Oh, this is a 20-week abortion ban.’ And they get away with that with the definition of gestational age that’s in the bill.”

But that’s not all that’s in this bill. The bill will also force pregnant women to undergo transvaginal ultrasounds if they want an abortion. In other words, Arizona Republicans just legalized state sanctioned rape. The law also allows abortions in cases of medical emergency but seems to have failed to include an exemption for women who are raped.

This is yet another shot fired in the Republican war on women. The Republican Party wants us all to believe that the war on women is a fictitious claim by Democrats or that the war on women is actually being waged by President Obama. But last time I checked, President Obama nor Democrats have passed or attempted to pass anti-women legislation like Republican legislatures in states such as Arizona, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Texas, Virginia, and Alabama have.