Sarah Palin Whines About Hilary Rosen, Compares Women To Large Hairy Bears

Have you ever listened to someone talk and then hope you never have to hear them speak again? Most Americans feel that way about Sarah Palin, but she always seems to find a way to start talking again. In the wake of Hilary Rosen’s comments in which she misspoke by saying that Ann Romney has “never worked a day in her life,” Sarah Palin jumped at the chance to appear on Fox News with hate merchant Sean Hannity to whine about the incident and compared women to large hairy grizzly bears.

SARAH PALIN: “The comments that Hillary Rosen made today certainly have awakened many mama grizzlies across the nation, and I know that because I got a lot of emails today — a lot of text messages from apolitical girlfriends, some who have chosen to stay home over the years. The message seems to be that why is it that some on the left choose to divide, to incite with comments with comments like that instead of just respecting women’s choices and what they want to do with the gifts that God has given them, how they want to contribute.”

So here is Sarah Palin making a huge deal out of misspoken comments made by a woman on the left who isn’t even part of the Obama campaign or administration. She also repeated Ann Romney’s statement that we need to respect the choices women make, which is quite hypocritical since Republicans are trying to ban women’s choices to have an abortion and use contraception. I don’t know about any of you, but I’ve never heard of Democrats passing bills that require women to have abortions and use contraception. The only thing Democrats have done to expand access to these things so women CAN make choices. People like Palin, meanwhile, fight to take that access away. Also, can Republicans please stop comparing women to animals? Limbaugh has compared them to cats. A Georgia Republican has compared them to cattle and pigs. And now Palin is comparing them to large hairy bears. It’s incredibly demeaning and disrespectful.

Unfortunately, the interview didn’t end there. Hannity pivoted the discussion to complain about HBO comedian Bill Maher calling Palin a c**t during his show, and tried to connect Obama to the incident.

?SEAN HANNITY: “[Obama] is confronted with a quandary and a moral dilemma, and that dilemma is Bill Maher who called you very offensive names, attacked your family and children, attacked Rick Santorum’s children. He donates a million dollars to the president. Now, they don’t return the money. Have you ever received a phone call? Has your daughter ever received a phone call from the president?”

SARAH PALIN: “Never received a phone call. But I think, again, that’s more of the same, of the inconsistencies, the double standards, the divisiveness that is kind of represented by President Obama and the people that he surrounds himself with. So, we don’t look for our president to speak for us. We will be silent no more on an issue like this. Really it is, as I say, a sad commentary though on this attempt to invalidate a woman for the choices that she’s making when really we should be unified. All women should be standing up for each other when you consider what’s going on in this country. All women and all races and all ages, we are all suffering under Obama’s economy.”

Seriously?! Bill Maher donates money to the President and they want him to return it because Maher said something bad about Palin? I agree that what Maher said was over the line, it happened over a year ago, and I doubt Mitt Romney will refuse a donation from Rush Limbaugh when it is given. As you’ll recall, Limbaugh called a defenseless Georgetown student a “slut” for testifying that women need more access to birth control. The difference between Limbaugh and Maher is that Limbaugh attacked a defenseless female student, while Maher said something about a woman who has the power to respond on national television whenever she wants. Plus, Palin is a bully and Maher was just bullying the bully. I don’t remember Palin or Romney condemning Limbaugh for his comment.

I laugh when I hear Palin saying things like “women’s choices,” and that “all women and all races and all ages” are suffering because of President Obama. President Obama isn’t the one passing anti-abortion and anti-contraception laws. President Obama isn’t calling for immigrants to “self-deport” themselves. President Obama isn’t advocating for discriminating against Hispanics by passing ‘papers please’ laws and calling for an electrified border. President Obama isn’t trying to keep young people from voting. President Obama isn’t trying to kill Medicare. President Obama isn’t the one playing to a base that includes white supremacists and racists. These would be the agenda of the Republican Party. I’d also point out that Palin has yet to call President Obama and apologize for repeatedly calling him a domestic terrorist in 2008. Where the hell is that phone call?

Lastly, Palin and Hannity talk about choice again.

SEAN HANNITY: “I thought liberals were pro-choice. So you got to make their choice?”

SARAH PALIN: “Here’s the hypocrisy: They are not for women’s choices and equality and respecting a woman’s personal values or choices she wants to make unless it has to do with that woman embracing their radical left agenda.”

This is really rich coming from a woman whose party is trying to force their anti-abortion agenda upon women who are pro-choice. Palin brazenly talks about respecting women’s choices but supports a party that is actively assaulting women’s choices on a daily basis. Can you say ‘hypocrisy’?

Here’s the video:

Sarah Palin is desperate for any attention she can get right now. She has become so irrelevant that her own party no longer considers her a power player. At one point, Palin was considered a king maker in Republican Party politics, but she quit her job as Governor and sought large amounts of cash over serving the people of Alaska who, for some mysterious reason, counted on her. The fact is, the Republican Party is waging an open and unmerciful war on women and if the GOP really thinks that jumping all over a badly worded statement from a female CNN contributor is going to be enough to distract women from paying attention to the real anti-women policies coming from the right-wing, they must really think women are stupid, and that is infuriatingly insulting to women across America.