Anti-Gay Tea Party Speaker Screams At LGBT Protesters: ‘We Will Not Be Silenced By Faggots!’

Scott Lively is an anti-gay hate merchant who is known as a “professional worldwide hunter of homosexuals and top proponent of ‘gay cure’” as well as a supporter of Uganda’s ‘kill gays’ legislation. So it wasn’t very surprising that Lively was allowed to be a speaker at a Tea Party Tax Day rally in Boston, Massachusetts on Sunday. It also wasn’t a surprise that LGBT protesters would hold a counter rally against the hatred.

But during the rally, some LGBT protesters and Tea Partiers confronted each other and out of the loud speakers came a disgusting slur. According to Scott Wooledge of Daily Kos, as police were on the way to break up the LGBT protesters,

“Reports from attendees were that in response to disturbances by protestors, one of the speakers said from the podium, broadcast across the loud speakers at the Commons, “We will not be silenced by faggots.”

Police then arrived and forcibly broke up the LGBT demonstrators and left the Tea Party alone. The Boston Police Department is now investigating reports that officers used excessive force while breaking up the LGBT counter rally.

The question I want police to answer is why wasn’t the Tea Party hate rally broken up? How come police only targeted the LGBT supporters? And how come excessive force was used? Are police officers only capable of arresting protesters who are not right-wing zombies? It’s outrageous that police would specifically break up one group while leaving a hate group free to continue their rally. It makes me wonder what would happen if the Tea Party had been the group protesting on Wall Street. I would bet good money that the police would be nowhere to be seen.

It is clear, however, that Republicans on some level worship an anti-gay activist who literally wants to kill homosexuals for being who they are. Just imagine what may happen if Republicans actually win the White House and Senate. Honoring Lively at a Tea Party rally is just another step toward honoring him on a more national stage. Only the GOP would honor that.