Senator Marco Rubio Says George W. Bush Was A Fantastic President (VIDEO)

Marco Rubio

During the 2008 Election, Republicans wanted nothing to do with outgoing President George W. Bush because of his toxic eight years in the White House. Under Bush’s “leadership,” Americans had to suffer through two wars, one of which is still ongoing, a Great Recession that resulted in high unemployment, home losses, and a national debt that doubled. Meanwhile, the wealthy received tax breaks, worker wages fell, prices went up, jobs were outsourced at a faster pace, America’s manufacturing sector nearly vanished, and America’s image fell among the international community. In addition, safety regulations were repealed, disaster response was terrible, and torture was allowed to used. Republicans ran away screaming from all of this in 2008. President Bush was all of sudden a plague on the party. Fast forward to 2012 and now Republicans are embracing the Bush Presidency.

On Sunday, during an interview with CNN’s Candy Crowley, Florida Republican Senator and possible Mitt Romney running mate Marco Rubio claimed that George W. Bush did a “fantastic job” during his Presidency after being asked to compare a Romney Presidency to the Bush Presidency.

“I haven’t gone through the comparison. I think that presidents serve in different times with different challenges. And so I think that George W. Bush, in my opinion, did a fantastic job as president over eight years, facing a set of circumstances during those eight years that are different from the circumstances that a President Romney would face.”

Here’s the video, via Raw Story:

Republicans say President Obama has failed to fix America’s problems, but it takes more than four years to fix eight years of disaster. President Obama’s election to the Presidency wasn’t just about hope and change. It was just as much a repudiation of President Bush and the Republican policies that divided and devastated the nation during those eight years. The American people recognized that Republican policies had taken the country in a downward spiral to decline and ruin and soundly rejected those policies by giving Democrats the White House and majorities in both houses of Congress. Americans need to have a longer memory of exactly what Republicans put us through for nearly a decade. What Mitt Romney and the Republican Party want to do is double down on the policies that hurt the country in the first place and amplify them. Under a Mitt Romney Presidency, the wealthy and corporations will get even more tax cuts, Medicare and Social Security will be targeted for privatization which will render the programs useless, even more crucial regulations will be repealed, oil will be the only energy initiative, wages will get even lower, more jobs will be outsourced, and more people will become homeless. Republicans have even expressed their intention to declare war on Iran and reinstate policies that discriminate against the LGBT community and restrict the rights of women. Mitt Romney would not only be the second coming of George W. Bush, he’d be even worse. And Republicans apparently believe that’s “fantastic.”