Women For Women – Karen Teegarden And Desiree Jordan

When Komen announced the defunding of Planned Parenthood, the sleeping giant that is WOMAN fully awoke and she was in a bitch of a mood. The nightmare of 2011, wherein 19 states passed a total of 162 laws telling women what they could and couldn’t do with their bodies, had given her a pounding headache. That 49% of these laws profoundly weakened a woman’s legal right to an abortion, and that 2012 had seen and would see even more of this kind of chip-chip away legislation, the re-shaping and ultimate destruction of a woman’s legal right to an abortion in 2012 was a distinct possibility. There should be a march, WOMAN said.

In the wee, wee hours of the morning Karen Teegarden and her friend Desiree Jordan, along with an awful lot of other women venting to their friends in the wee, wee hours of the morning, were thinking along the same lines. “We should just do it,” Desiree said, “if we build it, they will come.” The next morning Karen Teegarden started a new Facebook group, “Organizing Against the War On Women.” She posted it on her wall, other people’s walls, and asked Desiree to do the same. Within twenty-four hours there were almost 500 people asking to join and offering up their skills. Six weeks later, “Unite Against the War On Women,” had over 21,000 members, a Facebook page with almost 17,000 likes, over 2,300 twitter followers, a YouTube channel, a weekly update on blogtalkradio, and a newly launched website.

“Organizing Against the War on Women,” was one of the many excellent Facebook pages that burst on the scene after Komen. Created by pro-choice women for pro-choice women, spreading news, information, petitions, and phone numbers, the pages had the same effect on the tribe of women that water has on the desert: there was a blooming of beautiful loud. No way was Issa going to get away with an all male panel on contraception. No way was Limbaugh going to get away with calling Sandra Fluke a slut. No way was an anti-choice measure going to be passed without thousands of petitions and emails working to stop it. The pay off from all this activity is anti-choice elected officials, unused as they are to being held accountable for their actions, are starting to worry about their job security. That’s why the staunchly Republican Oklahoma and Mississippi voted against the latest anti-abortion measures; they fear for their jobs and they also fear more amendments along the lines of Senator Constance Johnson’s, regulating the seed spilling activities of men by declaring wasted sperm an act against unborn children. The pressure is on. Thousands of women, and the men who love them, marching in the streets in state capitols across the country, who have every intention of voting in November, applies even more pressure. The timing of this march is perfect. Thank you Karen, thank you Desiree, for making the dream real.


Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools. MAWT

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