Rush Limbaugh Attacks Hillary Clinton For Being A Professional Woman In The Workplace (AUDIO)

The sexism continues from Rush Limbaugh. You would think Limbaugh would have learned his lesson after the mass exodus of advertisers his show has experienced since he attacked women for wanting access to contraception. But on Thursday, Limbaugh picked a more powerful and far more popular woman to attack.

During his radio program, Limbaugh attacked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, attacking her accomplishments and body.

“You can almost say folks, that Mrs. Clinton worked very hard throughout her whole life and she stuck by her husband while he…humiliated her, embarrassed her—affair, after affair, after affair—and now Hillary has reached a pinnacle, and all she is is a secretary,” Limbaugh said laughingly. “She’s a secretary of defense, State! State. Whatever. But still a secretary,”

Then Rush launched into a creepy and misogynistic rant about Spanx, the undergarment that hides visible body fat.

“Hillary actually could learn a lot from Sara Blakely (the inventor of Spanx). I’ll tell you what I was just told. Even women who don’t need a girdle-like thing, wear them anyway. Because of why? Okay. Okay. It’s more professional. It makes a woman look more professional because there’s no sexy jiggle. The Spanx keeps everything firm and taut and there’s no jiggle. Okay, well, I’ve just lost interest in it, then. Professional or not.

If what Dawn told us is right, that Spanx stops the jiggles and therefore you have a more professional, well, I’ll tell you what: It isn’t old El Rushbo that’s killing the women’s movement; it’s Spanx. It ain’t me.”

Here’s the audio:

Limbaugh is clearly objecting to women wanting to be treated as professionals at work instead of sex objects. According to Limbaugh’s narrow and disgusting mind, all would be well if women just showed up for work everyday wearing scantily clad clothing. This attack on Hillary Clinton is completely outrageous. Instead of learning to treat women with respect or keep his mouth shut, Rush Limbaugh attacked one of the most powerful women in the government. He demeaned her position by referring to her as “just a secretary” and then decided it would be acceptable to attack her body as well. Rush Limbaugh has no conscience and represents the current Republican viewpoint on women. Limbaugh not only needs to lose more advertisers, he needs to be permanently taken off the air.