Idiot NC Man Shoots Sign Supporting LGBT Rights (VIDEO)

Like a scene out of a bad comedy, a North Carolina man videoed himself shooting a sign that was against the state’s upcoming vote for a state constitutional amendment making gay marriage and civil unions illegal. Alex Wiles removed the video, but it’s still available and it’s gone viral.

From Raw Story:

“Right now there is this amendment trying to be passed, Amendment One, and it’s going to state that marriage is between one man and one woman, which is how it ought to be,” the man who identifies himself as Alex Wiles opines in the video.

“So, somebody decided it would be a good idea to put this sign near my house,” he continues as he puts on a pair of amber shooting glasses. “They ought to know not to put stuff like that near my house.”

With that, Wiles pumps a shell into what appears to be a 12-guage pump-action shotgun, takes aim and unloads two rounds into the yard sign.

“That’s how we do it ’round here,” he explains with a grin. “That’s all folks.”

Here’s the video:

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that this is a hoax because the only cause that Wiles seems to be damaging is that of the gun toting’, beer swillin’ rednecks. But in a climate that calls for second amendment remedies for anything the right-wing finds disagreeable, let’s just say nothing surprises me anymore.

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