Will Romney Choose Another Sarah Palin As An Answer To The War On Women?

New Hampshire Republican Kelly Ayotte

“Republican women bring an important voice to the table. The big issues that face this country right now—the economy, jobs, the debt, and health care—are on the forefront of people’s minds, and especially on women’s minds.” Representative Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, R-WA

In keeping with the political axiom that appearance is everything what better way to prove there is no Republican War against women then for Romney to choose a woman as a running mate? In November, 2011, Romney mentioned that Senator Kelly Ayotte, R-NH was one of the people on his list. Rumor has it the list now includes the following women, Governor Mary Fallin, R-OK, Governor Susana Martinez, R-NM, and Representative Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, R-WA.

Junior Senator Kelly Ayotte, one of Romney’s earliest endorsers, has been campaigning with Romney in New Hampshire. The first female Attorney General of New Hampshire, appointed by then Governor Craig Benson, Ayotte was so against abortion rights she took parental notification all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Supreme Court determined that to exempt the health of the mother was unconstitutional and referred the bill back to the lower court. Though she ran on the platform that she’d won her case, ultimately Ayotte would issue checks from the state of New Hampshire to Planned Parenthood in the amount of $300,000 to cover their attorney fees and court costs.

As Junior Senator, Ayotte voted against the United States Postal Amendments meant to save the Post Office, and against repealing tax deductions for oil companies. She voted for the Keystone XL Project, to extend the Bush tax cuts, and to reduce the corporate tax rate. She voted to remove all regulations regarding electronic debit card transactions and against emergency disaster relief appropriations, Ayotte is pro-fracking, pro-CISPA, and has an A rating from the NRA for her position on gun control. She is married to Lt. Joe Daley, a reservist fighter pilot, who flew combat missions in Iraq, and the mother of two children. Ms. Ayotte is on the front lines of the battle to treat captured terrorist suspects as prisoners of war rather than criminals. “We don’t want to tell a terrorist you have the right to remain silent, she says, “that’s the issue here.” Sarah Palin calls Kelly Ayotte, “a Granite State Mama grizzly who has broken barriers.”

Next on the list is Governor Mary Fallin, of Oklahoma, who along with Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak created and signed an emergency rule eliminating birth as a “qualifying event” for individual healthcare coverage. Fallin (rhymes with Pallin) was the first woman and first Republican to be elected Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma, the first woman to be elected to Congress from Oklahoma since 1921, and the first woman Governor of Oklahoma. She ran on “Faith, Family and Freedom,” and continues to be married to Wade Christensen despite rumors of her alleged affair with a bodyguard who subsequently resigned over “improper behavior.” Ms. Fallin has two children from a first marriage, a nasty divorce behind her, and a husband who has received $1.09 million in federal farm subsidies. Ms. Fallin voted no on enforcing against anti-gay hate crimes, no on letting shareholders vote on executive compensation, no on prohibiting job discrimination based on sexual orientation, no on protecting free roaming horses and burrows, and no on environmental education grants for outdoor experiences for live children. She did however co-sponsor legislation granting the pre-born equal protection under the 14th amendment and strongly supports teacher led prayer in schools. Fallin strongly opposes replacing coal and oil with alternatives and has pledged her full support to the oil and natural gas industry. “Mary also understands the complexities of our domestic energy policy and has been a consistent voice for energy independence,” said Sarah Palin, “she is another strong, smart conservative who I am proud to support.”

Susana Martinez is the first female governor of New Mexico and the first Hispanic governor in the United States. Sarah Palin and the extreme anti-choice group, Susan B. Anthony List, both endorsed Martinez’s gubnatorial run. “You have a real winner here,” Ms Palin said, “pro-life, pro-family, and willing to put it all on the line to turn this state around.” The daughter of Mexican immigrants, Martinez opposes abortion, gay marriage, and the medicinal marijuana program. She is pushing the bill that would repeal the law that allows illegal immigrants to get a state driver’s license and ordered a reversal of the state’s “sanctuary status,” which prohibits law enforcement officers from asking criminals about their citizenship. Susana accepted a $10,000 campaign contribution from a Koch Brothers petrochemical business, reputed to be selling equipment to terrorism sponsors in Iran, and upon election immediately began to repeal carbon pollution reduction laws claiming they were “anti-business.” Downs of Albuquerque contributed $70,000 to her campaign and she awarded them a lease agreement to build a casino at the State Fair Grounds. Susana Martinez vetoed a provision of an unemployment bill that would have increased what businesses have to pay into the unemployment fund; the New Mexico Supreme Court voted unanimously that the veto was illegal. The Martinez administration received four admonishments from the state supreme court within seven months. Susana Martinez was one of the nominees for Talking Points Memo’s 2011 Golden Duke Awards, “to recognize the year’s great accomplishments in muckiness including acts of venal corruption, outstanding self-inflicted losses of dignity, crimes against the republic, bribery, exposed hypocrisy and generally malevolent governance.” Mitt “corporations are people” Romney was also a nominee. Ms. Martinez has stated emphatically that if asked she will NOT RUN. She is married to a law enforcement officer and has one step-son.

Representative Cathy McMorris-Rodgers is the highest-ranking female Republican on Capitol Hill. She is Vice Chair of the House Republican Conference and the fourth highest-ranking Republican after John Boehner, Minority Whip Eric Cantor and Republican Chairman Mike Pence. Her name was thrown into the vice-presidential mix by Republican strategist Kellyanne Conway who was the first to suggest Sarah Palin in 2008. According to Conway, McMorris Rodgers has “been a big help in making sure that the party and the leadership know that women are not an interest group but 53% of active voters. That it’s important to understand them (women) culturally and engage them politically.” Ms. Conway is delighted that McMorris-Rodgers had two children while in office because it turns that whole women-can’t-do-it-all-thing on its ear. McMorris-Rodgers is married to U.S. Naval Academy graduate and retired Navy Commander Brian Rodgers.

McMorris-Rodgers voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, she voted against public disclosure of bonuses and golden parachutes, and she voted no on increasing minimum wage from $7.25. She did not vote for the Senior Protection Act, but she did vote to terminate the Emergency Mortgage Relief Program, to repeal health care, and to prohibit the use of federal funds for Planned Parenthood. She voted to repeal EPA Emissions Regulations for cement manufacturers, she voted to require the Secretary of the Interior to conduct the sale of off-shore gas and oil leases, and she voted that the EPA must consider the costs and feasibility of Air Quality standards. She voted against whistleblower protection for off-shore oil workers and against off-shore drilling regulations. She voted to suspend the cross-state air pollution rule and to limit the EPA’s authority to regulate the disposal of coal combustion residuals. McMorris-Rodgers voted for school vouchers and to repeal the Department of Education’s regulations. She voted against federal funding for NPR, to reduce funding for the U.S. Peace Institute, and to defund the neighborhood stabilization program. Finally, Ms. McMorris-Rodgers voted for the display of “In God We Trust,” in public buildings and schools and co-sponsored a bill recognizing Christianity’s importance to western civilization.

Guttmacher statistics to the contrary, Ms. McMorris–Rodgers claims there is no war against women, that it was created to divert women from the real issues, namely the economy, and the fact that women were responsible for voting out Nancy Pelosi in 2010. It strikes me that the voice Republican women are bringing to the table is a lie dipped in the kind of hypocritical Christianity that true Christians run from. It strikes me that the voting records that Republican women are bringing to the table are vehemently anti-choice, anti-environment, anti-health care, anti-children, anti-humanity, and 100% ALEC. It strikes me that the voice Republican women are bringing to the table is one and the same as a Republican man’s. Sing with me now… Stand by your man.

Live loud, love fierce, and suffer no fools. Kat Manaan (MAWT)